Convert Hex, RGB, and RGBA Colors

This is a simple tool to convert a hexadecimal color to an RGB or RGBA value or vice versa. If you’re converting hex to RGB, Enter the hex value as #000 or #000000. If you’re converting RGB to hex, enter the RGB value as rgb(0,0,0) or rgba(0,0,0,0.1). I also return the common name for the color.

Hex to RGB and RGB/RGBA to Hex Color Converter

Convert to RGB

Hexadecimal (hex) colors, RGB colors, and RGBA colors are all ways to specify colors in HTML and CSS.

In general, you can use any of these color formats in HTML and CSS, depending on your needs. Hexadecimal colors are shorter and easier to read than RGB or RGBA colors, and they are supported by all modern browsers. RGB and RGBA colors are more expressive, as they allow you to specify the intensity of the primary colors and the transparency of the color.

When deciding which color format to use, you should consider the requirements of your project and the capabilities of the target browser. If you need to specify a color with transparency, you should use the RGBA format. If you only need to specify a solid color, you can use either the hexadecimal or RGB format.

Credit to Name That Color for the nice name lookup!

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