Enterprise Social Media Management from Syncapse

In an enterprise corporation engaged in social media, there’s a ton of activity. From support and sales conversations to marketing and promotions, conversations need to be properly routed, quickly responded to, and assured that they are handled properly. Almost every week we hear of another major corporation that accidentally publishes an embarrassing tweet because they lacked any command and control on routing and approving messaging.

Enterprise social media platforms offer the opportunity to centralize, simplify and route the conversations efficiently and effectively. The Syncapse platform offers the ability for companies to create and share all social media templates via a centralized dashboard. Design templates are stored and made available to local page administrators and agencies to localize.

The Syncapse Platform provides technology and infrastructure that enables efficient, collaborative, global publishing, accepts 3rd party data integration, and creates meaningful data visualization and analytics about performance.

Syncapse Publishing

The Syncapse Platform provides:

Syncapse Campaign Analytics

Syncapse Franchise Edition

Additionally, Syncapse offers a Franchise addition that allows franchise head offices to develop social content for distribution to agents, franchises and franchisees. With the franchise edition, Syncapse ensures corporate compliance and approval by any necessary levels before it is available to Franchisees.

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