Do you Seed Blogs?

Way back (snicker) in the early days of blogging, I figured out that commenting on other blogs was hugely successful. The majority of growth in those young days was due to my participation in the conversation in other blogs.

Even with the consistent growth of my blog, I continue to try to seek out and find new blogs who are writing great content in relative areas of interest. I also try to promote them in my daily links. With a hundred million blogs out there, there are a lot of conversations to join in.

What is Blog Seeding?

Google and Technorati are my primary means of finding blogs that I’ve never visited before. You can spend 5 or 10 minutes a day blog seeding and get exposed to thousands of new readers. Blog Seeding is simply adding to the comments of another blog’s post and ensuring you have a good backlink in their comment information to your blog. Don’t comment just to throw a link out there, though – that’s spamming. Write some compelling copy, compliment the blogger, or provide some evidence if you are not agreeing with them. The richer your comment, the more attention you’ll receive.

Blog Seeding differs from Comment Spamming

The motivation for Blog Seeding differs from Comment Spamming. Comment Spamming is a black hat SEM method to try to find blogs that don’t utilize nofollow and get higher ranking through backlinks.

Blog Seeding:

Add blog seeding to your bag of marketing techniques to build authority or raise awareness of your blog, product, service or company. It works exceptionally well!

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