Content Marketing Versus Advertising

content versus advertising

Whenever I see a versus blog post or article that takes one marketing strategy and pits it against the other, I'm always concerned. In this case it's a head to head between content marketing and advertising. While investments in content marketing may be accelerating and advertising may be flat or decreasing… it doesn't mean that you should just take your budget and move it. In fact, content marketing with advertising is a great strategy.

Content marketing has become a critical component of B2B marketing, but can you identify the most popular types of content, why they are used, and which content is working best? Check out our infographic to get the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not in content marketing. Is Content Marketing Traditional Advertising’s New Rival?

Off my soap box… If I were going to take away anything from this infographic it's that if you are advertising, you should absolutely be investing in content marketing as well. Content marketing is a proven strategy. It's not a replacement, though! When a different publication harnesses the community that you're trying to reach, advertising may be the only option to reach them!

article marketing vs advertising


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    Great information again infographics. In your post, are you referring to free advertising or paid advertising? I think they have different results if you try to compare this three free advertising, paid advertising and content marketing….:)

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