Cartoonists on the Web

Usually I don’t do this. However, there’s simply some occasions that I feel too compelled to keep my big trap shut. (My friends and co-workers will tell you that it happens much more than I would like to admit). Here goes…

Last night when I dressed up my site with the Blaugh addition, I was very relieved at the find. I actually found Blaugh by doing some Googling for blog cartoons. My site needed some humor… yes, beyond my witty banter… so I thought a cartoon that changed often would be a good addition.

Imagine the horror when my Google results came up with this:

I would have put a little preview on my blog, but I think somewhere in the image is a copyright. Please visit… at least to meet Smaugy, the Office Eel. I’m not making this up.

I will say no more. I will go to bed now. Goodnight.

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