Castmagic: Turn Your Podcast Audio Into Ready-To-Use Shareable Content

Podcasting has become an incredibly popular form of media. However, producing high-quality podcast content requires significant time and effort, particularly in post-production tasks such as transcribing, editing, and creating show notes that can be utilized in blog posts, articles, social media updates, and other promotional materials.


Castmagic is a platform that helps podcasters streamline their workflow and transform their audio into ready-to-use content with just a few clicks. The platform offers a wide range of features that automate the tedious tasks of creating podcast content, saving podcasters valuable time and effort.

Podcasters can save 20+ hours a week by automating the tedious tasks associated with editing and post-production. This frees up valuable time that can be better spent on creating more content, engaging with the audience, or exploring new podcasting opportunities. The features of Castmagic include:

The process of using Castmagic is simple and efficient. First, podcasters upload their audio file or provide a YouTube link to the episode they want to work on. Then, they select the desired outputs, such as transcription, show notes, summaries, and social content. Once the selections are made, Castmagic instantly delivers the content, eliminating the need for manual editing and post-production work.

Castmagic has been the single biggest unlock for our podcast productivity. This allowed us to focus on conversation over post production.

Ramon Berrios, Host of DTCPOD

The clean and accurate transcriptions, timestamped show notes, and well-crafted summaries give the audience a polished and organized listening experience. Moreover, the ready-to-use social content enables podcasters to easily promote their episodes on various platforms, attracting new listeners and increasing their online presence.

Castmagic is the ultimate solution for podcasters looking to 10x their content. By automating the time-consuming tasks of editing, transcribing, and creating show notes, Castmagic empowers podcasters to focus on what they do best – producing engaging and high-quality podcast episodes.

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