Dependencies of an Inbound Marketing Strategy

We’ve been consulting clients large and small for several months now and really believe that there are some gaps in most strategies and a whole lot of hype with others. When our clients are struggling, we typically see that there’s a gap in a key dependency on their overall marketing. A successful inbound marketing strategy may not include brand marketing, outreach, or community development – but it’s largely dependent upon them.

Too many marketing agencies are more worried about getting their share of the marketing budget and they often push companies in their direction. The problem is that these are like legs to a table… when you pull one out, the others become less effective. When we’re working with a client, we often insist or push them to work with branding agencies, public relations firms, and community development companies.

Even if we’re 100% effective, without any one of the other elements, the overall inbound marketing strategy isn’t as effective. Ensuring each dependency is effectively implemented provides a company with immense marketing reach, potential, and performance.

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