Influ2: A Person-Based Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Advertising Platform

Accounts don’t make decisions, people do. A successful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) program goes after accounts on the strategic level but speaks to people on the execution level. Influ2 defines this as a high-resolution ABM program where the key features include:

  1. Drill to the buying group. Go beyond choosing the target accounts: research specific decision-makers comprising buying groups of your target accounts. Refer to the persona definition of your ICP to put together a list of decision-makers you want to go after in your high-resolution ABM program.
  2. Personalized messaging. The ability to talk to specific people takes your personalization to the next level. Junior managers think differently from C-level executives. Apply appropriate language to deliver relevant messages to different personas.
  3. Use person-based communication channels. Account-based sales development tools like Outreach or Salesloft replaced broadly targeted email-marketing campaigns to make communication truly personalized. Influ2 was developed to make advertising personalized to the same degree.
  4. Multi-touch customer journeys. Leverage person-based engagement signals to build sophisticated multi-touch journeys. A click on a report ad can trigger an email with a link to download the report. A person consistently interested in a specific topic can be added to a campaign about this subject. People who attended a webinar can receive post-attendee advertisements. You can think of thousands of multi-touch journeys that can be unlocked by a high-resolution ABM approach.

Influ2: Person-Based Advertising and ABM

Influ2 is a person-based marketing platform for B2B marketers, and it addresses the fundamental orchestration dissonance between advertising activities and sales. It delivers effective content marketing, as well as creates meaningful relationships with customers that result in closed deals.

With Influ2 each step of the customer journey (from top-of-the-funnel brand awareness and demand generation stages to sales and customer retention efforts) is fortified by personally targeted advertising. With Influ2, businesses are capable of:

Person-based advertising helps us by ensuring that the exact right B2B decision-makers are being reached prior to a sales engagement, which drives measurable success by increasing response rates to outbound sales efforts.

Stephen Ngo, Digital Growth Manager, Profitwell

Influ2 works across all major media, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Google Ads.

DISCO Use Case

With in-person events canceled and office phone numbers inactive due to the pandemic, legal technology leader DISCO struggled to reach their desired audience — attorneys and corporate legal departments — and report ad engagement. 

The new person-based marketing strategy pioneered by Influ2 enabled DISCO to overcome this and get in front of possible customers when they’re most engaged. Between September 2020 to March 2021, DISCO was able to reach over 30,000 targets across 24,000 accounts. The 548,805 impressions generated 794 clicks, 497 visits and drove over 2,000 opportunities with decision-makers. DISCO also linked Salesforce with Influ2’s platform so leads went right to sales.

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