Maropost Marketing Cloud: Multi-Channel Automation For Email, SMS, Web, and Social Media

A challenge to today’s marketers is to recognize that their prospects are all at different points in the customer journey. On the same day, you may have a visitor to your website who isn’t aware of your brand, a prospect who is researching your products and services to solve their challenge or an existing customer who is seeing if there are available products and services to expand their current relationship.

This is complicated, of course, by the fact that your audience may be on any number of channels and more likely to respond to a specific medium. Marketing platforms that dominate the space are often proficient at a single channel. Email platforms focused on email, text messaging platforms on SMS, social media on social channels… all while your prospects utilize one or all.

An extreme analogy may be the horse-drawn carriage builder attempting to compete with the auto manufacturer. They simply can’t… their entire industry knowledge, sales focus, internal resources, infrastructure… is totally focused on the channel and, at times, the medium that they worked with since their inception. It’s difficult to pivot and adjust.

Because of this, it’s important that marketers are open to researching and including newer platforms in their search for an appropriate solution. Maropost Marketing Cloud is such a solution… focused on unified multi-channel engagement – including data-driven email marketing, simplified mobile engagement, social campaign alignment, and personalized web experiences.

Maropost Unified Customer Engagement

Why is technology making customer engagement so complicated? If you’re stuck with multiple tools that don’t share customer data, can’t communicate across channels and touchpoints, or can’t create connected experiences, consider a unified platform that can. Learn how Maropost lets you simplify customer engagement.

Maropost is a platform that has the tools and team to help marketers segment their audiences, personalize their messages, and ensure emails are delivered to the inbox. Unify your multi-channel engagement with:

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