Mass Marketing Versus Personalization

If you’ve been a reader of my work, you know that I’m an opponent of the versus analogy in marketing. It’s often, as in the case of personalization, not a choice of what strategy to use, but when to use each strategy. There’s some irony in the fact that this infographic is mass marketing… but pushes for improved personalization. Both work well when they’re leverage correctly.

At one point, all marketing was personal. The door-to-door salesman, bank teller, and haberdasher all knew their customers by name. Direct mail pieces were printed in different versions to appeal to a customer’s geography or preferences. Then, with the dawn of email and websites, marketers began relying on mass-marketing techniques to deliver a single message across the new digital channels. From Monetate’s Infographic Mass Marketing Versus Personalization

Check out this infographic and be sure to download Monetate’s ebook, The Realities of Online Personalization. Produced in association with Econsultancy, their exclusive research explores what is driving online personalization, the tactics and types of data being used to tailor the online customer experience and the barriers to success.

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