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During the pandemic, the advertising market took a hit. Expected, of course, but a 19.1% drop in H1 220 is a serious impact on businesses. COVID-19 has reshaped the consumer landscape, as it has so many other aspects of daily life. People are traveling less and spending less. The pandemic will hopefully be over in the next few months, but these months have heightened vital changes already emerging in the advertising world.

Mobile advertising has been consolidating. Ad blockers and poor targeting have also cost advertisers billions in lost revenue. That’s pushing them to look toward non-device-based channels. Print advertising is in a steep decline, with newspaper ad revenues forecast by 2025 forecast to be about one-fifth of those in 2012.

Outdoor advertising offers key advantages: increased impressions (you can’t skip an ad if it’s in front of you), broad reach, and sheer scale. However, not all channels are ready to serve the 2020-and-beyond market. Static billboards are quickly becoming a thing of the past, but out-of-home (OOH) and in particular digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising looks increasingly set to be a thing of the future. DOOH’s share of overall OOH spend has jumped from 17% to 33% in the last five years.

UZE Ads: Overview

Founded in Germany by Alexander Jablovski, a veteran of the automotive industry and expert in mobility disruption, UZE, as its name implies, brings mobility to the AdTech sector, along with artificial intelligence and sensor technology.

Transportation is often viewed as one-dimensional for moving goods or human beings from point A to point B. What we discovered early on in building UZE was that transportation yielded an entirely new platform for advertisers. At UZE, we’re breaking down silos across the value chain to reach an untapped market that includes over 17 million commercial vehicles to serve in the U.S. alone.

Alexander Jablovski, CEO/CTO and co-founder at UZE

Because only 3% of advertising in the U.S. is OOH, over 300 million potential customers are not reached when they leave their front door. Using vehicles as digital billboards, UZE ensures that advertisers can reach customers even as people’s regular orbit shrinks due to COVID-19. Vehicles with UZE Kits (the company’s proprietary hardware) or third-party digital billboards will be able to target customers running local errands or even simply walking their dogs. 

In addition to capitalizing on getting ads in front of customers when they are in a buying mindset, as research shows they are when behind the wheel during the pandemic, UZE also leverages an end-to-end infrastructure to circumvent the typical challenges of DOOH advertising. 

UZE has been able to drive advertiser sales using proprietary sensor data that helps us deliver more precise ad targeting. According to recent data, the digital out-of-home ad market is projected to grow 40% over the next five years in the U.S.

Cindy Jeffers, US President and COO, UZE Mobility

Here are some other key ways the company, which is making its US debut in New York City, circumvents the typical DOOH challenges.

“UZE” Cases

UZE partnered with Hövding to promote their mobile airbag for bikers. After running a bike with a large screen through bike lanes in Berlin, delivering the right ad to the right consumer at the right time, Hövding saw web sales jump to 38%. 

Our real estate sales increased 20% after working with UZE for only two months. We were able to reach a new, highly motivated buyer market. Working with UZE has completely changed the way we advertise taking us far beyond traditional media such as smartphone or email-based online advertising.

Adele Martens at Century21 Real Estate and early UZE client

Getting started is easy. UZE’s experienced media buyers and digital out of home professionals are here to help you with your campaign. You can also set up your campaign directly in the UZE Marketplace. Access UZE ad inventory via 3rd party providers, DSPs, and ad exchanges. Get started today with a whole new way of doing out-of-home advertising.

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