What’s My IP Address? And How to Exclude it from Google Analytics

IPv4: Your IP Address is (hex notation: 2cc875a6).

IPv6: We were unable to detect an IPv6 address.

What is an IP Address?

An IP is a standard defining how devices on a network communicate with each other using numerical addresses.

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are used to route data packets over the internet, but they are not compatible with each other. Some devices may support both versions of the protocol, while others may only support one or the other.

When Do You Need To Know Your IP Address?

Sometimes that you need your IP address. A couple of examples are whitelisting some security settings or filtering out traffic in Google Analytics. Keep in mind that an IP address that a web server sees is not your internal network IP address, it’s the IP address of the network that you’re on. As a result, changing wireless networks will produce a new IP address.

Many Internet service providers do not assign businesses or homes a static (unchanging) IP address. Some services expire and reassign IP addresses all the time.

To exclude internal traffic from appearing in a Google Analytics report view, create a custom filter to exclude your specific IP address:

  1. Navigate to Admin (Gear in bottom left) > View > Filters
  2. Select Create New Filter
  3. Name your Filter: Office IP Address
  4. Filter Type: Predefined
  5. Select: Exclude > traffic from the IP Addresses > that are equal to
  6. IP Address: (hex notation: 2cc875a6)
  7. Click Save
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