Micro-Moments and Customer Journeys

The online marketing industry continues to make progress in providing technology that is enabling marketers to both predict and provide roadmaps to help consumers and businesses convert. We’ve made some assumptions up to this point, though. The general theme of personas and sales funnels is much more porous and flexible than we ever imagined.

Cisco has provided research that the average product purchased has over 800 distinct customer journeys that lead to it. Think about your purchase decisions and how you bounce between research, online, in-store, email, search, and other strategies as you continue down the road to a decision. No wonder why sales and marketing professionals struggle with attribution so much. It’s also another reason why omni-channel marketing has to be carefully orchestrated to improve results.

If you can predict and provide marketing that precedes the customer’s journey, you can reduce the friction and lead them to purchase more efficiently. In fact, the research from Cisco shows that retailers who offer Internet of Everything experiences can capture a 15.6 percent profit improvement.

Combine these findings with Think With Google’s Micro-Moments research and we’re left with 4 micro-moments that every marketer should be paying attention to:

  1. I want to know moments – 65% of online consumers look up more information online than a few years ago. 66% of smartphone users look up something they saw in a television commercial.
  2. I want to go moments – 200% increase in “near me” searches and 82% of smartphone users use a search engine to look for a local business.
  3. I want to do moments – 91% of smartphone users turn to their phones for ideas while doing a task and over 100 million hours of how-to content has been watched on YouTube so far this year.
  4. I want to buy moments – 82% of smartphone users consult their phones while in a store deciding what to buy. This has resulted in a 29% increase in mobile conversion rates in the past year.

While Google is focusing on the mobile user, you have to recognize how this is impacting every customer journey – from the acquisition to an upsell or just renewing. The fact is that we have to be much better about targeting content that drives purchase decision moments. Add people’s learning styles and elements that motivate a purchase and it’s no wonder why marketers are struggling with producing content that drives conversions. Analytics doesn’t provide insight into these and it’s why content marketers are looking for more informed solutions to predict and gauge their content’s performance.

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