Shor: The Linktree Alternative For Building Beautiful Rich Micro-Pages

If your social media profile link points to a single home page, you’re likely losing out on engaging your social profile visitors. Linktrees are tools that aggregate multiple links into one page… typically aggregating several calls-to-action that may interest your visitors. Having a linktree is highly beneficial for social media profiles for several reasons:

Linktrees Are Typically Not Engaging

The problem with linktrees is that they’re not engaging at all. Most provide a logo, a list of buttons, and other social links for the visitor but lack any context or rich media to entice the visitor actually to click through. Enter Shor, a micro-page builder for aggregating all of your content, calls-to-action (CTAs), messenger and chat links, and contact information in a single, beautiful page.

Best of all, the Shor builder is simple, and you can build and theme your page in under 10 minutes:

  1. Add your logo or photo.
  2. Select the best ways to communicate with you.
  3. Add blocks for images, videos, text, audio, products, or even an RSS feed.
  4. Add links to each of your social profiles.

The platform is specially built to solve Instagram’s one-link in bio limitation. Publish your micro-page, shorten the link, and retarget anyone you can reach.

These micro-pages aren’t just for social media profile links; they can also be used in your email signatures or with a QR code to land on.

Build Your First Shor Micro-Page

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