ShortStack: Facebook Landing Pages and Social Contests Made Easy

If you’re utilizing Facebook as a resource to drive traffic to your business via a contest or call-to-action, utilizing a socially integrated platform is a must. With ShortStack you can develop funnels from a specific source – email, social media, digital ads – to a web page with a highly targeted focus.

Facebook Landing Pages

With ShortStack, you can build an unlimited number of interactive landing pages for contests, giveaways, quizzes, and more to connect with your customers. Features and benefits include:

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Facebook Comment Contests

Gone are the days of manually recording all of your post comments. Use ShortStack to instantly pull in all of the comments on your Instagram or Facebook posts. Entries include the commenter’s username, their comment and a link to the comment. Features and benefits include:

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Landing Page and Contest Emails

Send automated emails instantly when someone fills out your form, or schedule emails to send on a later date. Send them to your entire list or to certain segments.

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Build fun, effective and stunning interactive marketing campaigns without worrying about the tech behind them.

Disclosure: We are an affiliate of ShortStack

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