Vyond: Build Your Own Animated Videos With This Video Animation Studio

I’ve helped several companies develop their video strategies over the years and animated video explainer videos are an amazing piece of content that can be used to concisely and thoroughly explain your products, services, and solutions, as well as differentiate your brand from your competitors.

Explainer videos all follow a similar production and script sequence and are incredibly effective at helping guide a consumer or business through to a conversion.

With YouTube being the second largest search engine, having a well-branded animated explainer video to communicate effectively is also an incredible way to build awareness and even drive businesses back to your site, product, or landing pages.

Hiring an agency to develop and animate your explainer video can be quite expensive. I’d argue that, if done right, a great explainer video can be somewhat timeless and well worth the investment, though. Recognizing that many companies don’t have the budget, there are tools out there for you to do it yourself, though!

Vyond Animated Video Marketing Software

Vyond makes creating marketing videos fast, easy, and budget-friendly with their best-in-class video maker. Whether you’re creating product explainers, presentation decks, social media videos, or trade show videos, Vyond has the flexibility you need to make your marketing shine.

Vyond’s video marketing software has features that go beyond moving text and images, you can build character-driven stories or motion infographics that captivate and motivate more efficiently than static content ever could. Animated videos are extremely cost-effective when you use the right solution. Vyond offers you a tool that can create something that is truly your own and have your audience glued to the screen. All for a fraction of what it costs to produce a live-action video.

Vyond Features Include

In their technology release, you can see the full range of content assets that Vyond has incorporated into its platform:

Additional features like visual content search, background removal, automatic color detection, and a ton of training resources can help you to create your first animated explainer video. Vyond also has an enterprise version for multiple groups and collaboration.

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