How to Write a Powerful and Effective Explainer Video Script

How to Write an Explainer Video Script

I’m finishing up with the production of a video explainer for a client of ours this week. It’s been a simple process, but it was essential that I narrowed down the script to ensure it was as brief, impactful, and thorough as possible to ensure the explainer video has maximum impact.

Explainer Videos Statistics

  • On average, viewers watch 46.2 seconds of a 60-second explainer video
  • The sweet spot for an explainer video length is 60-120 seconds with a 57% audience retention rate
  • Explainer videos longer than 120 seconds only get 47% retention
  • Audience retention rates drop exponentially past the 2-minute mark

The investment in an explainer video is a must if your company continues to struggle to describe and illustrate its processes to prospective buyers. I wish all of our clients would invest in at least one explainer video. There are multiple types of explainer videos – and they can be leveraged incredibly across search, video search, and social media.

The team at Breadnbeyond, an explainer video company, has put together the most comprehensive infographic I’ve seen that explains how to best write your explainer video script in this infographic, The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Writing Explainer Video Scripts.  The expert’s tips include:

  1. Use concreate and illustratable words
  2. Educate and entertain
  3. Emphasize your words and tone
  4. Write like you talk
  5. Apply the classic narrative structure

Breadnbeyond reminds script writers to always remember the what, the who, the why, and the how. That’s a formula I love. My scripts typically start with a character introduction (someone that matches our target audience), the problem they’re suffering with (the what), the alternatives in the market that we can differentiate ourselves from (the why), and our clients’ solution as well as a call-to-action (the how).

We are trying to both guide the purchase decision as well as inform of our clients’ differentiation!

Explainer Video Script Infographic

The Ultimate Cheatsheet to Explainer Video Scripts

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