A Social Media Marketing Plan in 6 Easy Steps

Social media continues to progress as a networking, listening, publishing, support, and promotion tool for businesses. Social media advertising is advancing, providing more methods and advanced targeting that is lowering the cost per engagement. The platforms for listening, responding, publishing, measuring, and executing campaigns are established and continue to provide great offerings for businesses.

With a multitude of social media platforms now available, it is easy to be confused or unsure of how to develop a social media strategy in today’s hyper connected society. Social media networks are one of the best avenues to promote your brand globally. With over 2.7 billion users worldwide, there can be no doubt that social media offers tremendous potential and has a real impact on business’ bottom line. Emedia Creative

We’ve learned a lot all the way. For the most part, brands are learning that social media is a great means of building awareness and driving engagement; but not always the best medium for direct sales. We also know that social media has transitioned customer satisfaction to a public forum where our potential customers may read about a brand’s missteps. It’s a powerful engine for both the consumer and the business, but it can be frustrating and expensive without a great social media marketing plan.

What is a Social Media Marketing Plan?

To generate positive results, you need a social media marketing plan that is aligned with your business objectives. It should include your current position of social media accounts, how you rate against your competition, future target goals, and all the steps and tools you’ll use to get there.

The social media marketing plan serves as the blueprint for all of your actions, as well as a means to determine whether or not your efforts are gaining traction.

Social Media Marketing Plan Steps

  1. Establish your social media objectives and goals – be sure they’re aligned with your overall marketing strategy to ensure your strategy drives greater business results.
  2. Conduct a social media audit – get a snapshot of your current social media state and compare it to your competitors.
  3. Create or optimize your social media profiles – with your audit complete, it’s time for you to improve your social media presence.
  4. Inspiration for your social media engagement – observe the social media activity of competitors and other industry-related profiles to see how you can differentiate your presence.
  5. Develop a content plan and editorial calendar – posting and sharing relevant content on a regular basis is the most important aspect to ensure success in social media.
  6. Track, evaluate, and improve your social media marketing plan – constant monitoring and measuring are just as vital as having the right engagement tactics in social media marketing.

Check out all the details, tips, and advice in this informative infographic from Emedia Creative, How To Set Up a Social Media Strategy That Is Aligned With Business Objectives.

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