Best WordPress Plugins For Business

Some WordPress plugin popularity has been driven by personal or consumer-based installations. What about business? We’ve put together a list of our favorite WordPress plugins that we believe enable business users to capitalize on their content and drive results through search engines and social media, via mobile, tablet or desktop… and fully integrate their social and video strategies.

Having developed some popular WordPress plugins, I’m always enthusiastic about finding and sharing plugins that do an amazing job to enhance, optimize, and automate tasks within WordPress. WordPress plugins are both a blessing and a curse, though.

WordPress Plugin Issues

I believe WordPress has really stepped up, expiring old plugins from view in their plugin repository and then approving new plugins manually to ensure they’re not poorly written. Since self-hosted WordPress instances allow you to install any plugin, though, you have to do your homework or get a trusted resource to make recommendations.

Additionally, many of the Best WordPress Plugins Lists are tailored to the personal blogger and don’t actually focus on businesses and their unique efforts in designing and developing content strategies that help to promote their business. Also, we all know that best is a subjective term… so we’re going to go with favorite to differentiate our recommendations.

Below is a tried and true set of WordPress plugins for business that we believe are the best in the vast landscape of WordPress plugins.

Best WordPress Plugin for Site Backups and Migrations

Best WordPress Plugins to Engage and Convert Visitors

Best WordPress Plugins to Enhance Your WordPress Administration

Best WordPress Plugins for Layout and Editing

Best WordPress Plugins to Power Up Your Content and Its Reach

Best WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Site

Best WordPress Plugin for Cookie and Data Compliance

As a business, you need to be compliant with the international, federal, and state regulations that govern how you track and keep your visitors’ data. I was utilizing the Jetpack widget for cookie permissions, but it often loaded more than once and had no customization options.

Best WordPress Plugins to Protect Your WordPress Site

Need More Plugins?

Some excellent, paid plugins are fully supported on Themeforest that you won’t find elsewhere. Envato’s parent company does a great job of ensuring plugins are supported and updated often.

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