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The Best Social Sharing Button Plugin for WordPress

One of our clients called this morning and mentioned that whenever they attempted to write a Facebook update and share a link to their site, the update didn’t show the social sharing image we’d provided. I did some tests this morning, and on the desktop browser, it appeared to work fine, but the mobile app inserted a link with no preview. When my client tested, it didn’t even provide an external link; it linked to their Facebook page. I’m unsure what could happen between mobile autocomplete and Facebook’s autocomplete.

For WordPress users, incorporating a reliable and feature-rich social media plugin is essential to harness the full potential of social sharing and engagement. Rather than fight Facebook, I just updated their site with custom buttons above and below their content to make sharing directly from the site much easier.

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

While numerous social sharing plugins are available, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress has garnered significant popularity, trusted by over 600,000 websites worldwide. Let’s explore the reasons behind its success and why it’s the go-to choice for both novices and professionals.

easy social share buttons for wordpress

Features include:

  • Lifetime License: One standout feature of Easy Social Share Buttons is its lifetime license. Users can access lifetime updates and support without monthly or yearly fees, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term use.
  • Versatile Social Share Buttons: Easy Social Share Buttons offers an array of stunning and feature-rich social share buttons. With over 50 social networks and popular mobile messenger applications, a love button, and a “more networks” button, you can effortlessly integrate social sharing options without coding knowledge.
  • Automatic Display Methods: The plugin provides 30+ automatic display positions for sharing buttons, offering the flexibility to showcase them anywhere on your website. This includes advanced network and style changes, responsive controls, and custom code options (HTML and CSS).
  • Unlimited Styles and Custom Positions: Tailoring the look of your share buttons to match your website’s aesthetics is easy with unlimited style combinations. Moreover, users can create and add unlimited custom button positions without requiring coding skills.
  • WooCommerce Integration: For e-commerce websites built on WooCommerce, Easy Social Share Buttons offers dedicated integration with unique share button display methods, ensuring seamless sharing of products and content.
  • Social Share Count Recovery: If you’ve changed your website’s permalinks (e.g., moving to HTTPS or changing domains), the plugin automatically recovers any lost social share counts, maintaining your social credibility.
  • Affiliate Integration: Website owners can automatically generate referral links using the AffiliateWP plugin or reward users for clicking on share buttons through the myCred plugin, providing incentives for social sharing.
  • Short URL Generation: The plugin can automatically create short URLs for sharing, utilizing popular services like, rebrandly,, or the default WordPress short URLs.
  • Click to Tweet: Easy Social Share Buttons simplifies content promotion with sharable quotes, offering pre-designed options or the freedom to create custom designs through the design-builder.
  • Pinterest Image Hover Pins: For Pinterest enthusiasts, the plugin automatically adds a Pin button to all your content images, allowing visitors to share your content on Pinterest easily.
  • Advanced & Powerful Statistics: Gain valuable insights into social media interactions with the plugin’s advanced analytics, helping you monitor, analyze, and optimize your social media strategies.
  • Social Proof Notifications: Leverage the power of social proof to boost social shares with notifications that showcase how others are engaging with your content.
  • Social Chat and Social Contact: Enable easy contact with your visitors through various chat options and contact buttons that cater to popular messaging apps, email, and SMS.
  • Instagram Feed Integration: For those who utilize Instagram for their brand, the plugin allows you to add your Instagram feed to your site easily.
  • GDPR-friendly and Performance Approved: The plugin is GDPR-friendly and respects user privacy, ensuring it doesn’t collect personally identifiable information. Additionally, it has been approved for performance by WP Rocket, a renowned WordPress caching plugin.
  • Lifetime Support and Ongoing Evolution: Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress boasts over 10 years of ongoing development, with regular updates and new features added to provide the best user experience.
social share button plugin for wordpress

Whether you are an individual blogger, a small business owner, or a large corporation, Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress can help you harness the full potential of social media to drive more shares, likes, followers, and subscribers. With a lifetime license and outstanding support, it is a valuable investment that will continue to serve your social media needs for years to come.

So, why wait? Unleash the power of social media on your WordPress website and join the ranks of 600,000+ satisfied users who have already made the switch. Get started now and experience the true potential of social media integration with Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress!

Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

This plugin is listed on our recommended plugins for your WordPress site.

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