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6 Interactive Elements To Increase Email Marketing Engagement

Email and interactivity go hand in hand. Since over 3.9 billion people use emails, interactive email is a buzzword and a great tool to increase clients and sales. In this piece, we will find out how you can use interactive email marketing tools to reach the heart of your prospectives.

What Is An Interactive Email?

An interactive email has a set of elements that excite users to engage with the email content by clicking, tapping, swiping, or watching. Interactive elements can range from polls and videos to countdown timers. The whole idea is to make the email engaging and fun for the users, giving them a long-lasting positive experience and ensuring that clients get a positive picture of the content, therefore increasing the chances of conversion.

Form in email marketing

Why do you need interactive elements?

Imagine your inbox is filled with a plethora of emails every day. Will you be interested in opening up and reading every single email?

In email marketing, communication is everything, and given that it is unidirectional-from you to your reader- it becomes further difficult to engage with your customer constantly. But with interactive emails, users can involve in the conversation as they can respond and react within the email. Make sure to create easier options and fewer steps so that they are more likely to perform it.

Interactive AMP emails remove the need for subscribers to click through to your website, e-commerce store, or another application to complete the call to action as it can be done within the emails itself. By removing this extra step, prospects can convert faster and you don’t have to worry about how the journey from the email to your website will go.

Aquibur Rahman, CEO & Founder, Mailmodo

Moreover, interactive emails can help you achieve 73% higher open rates than traditional HTML emails. You will also witness more user engagement, higher conversion rates, feedback, and the direction to create personalized content. Therefore, interactive emails will give you an edge and boost your marketing efforts.

Interactive Email Elements For Higher Engagement

  1. Gamified Email Element Content – Who doesn’t like to play games? You can gamify your email content by including the gaming principles for more engagement and grab your prospective attention. You can use In-email games as they entertain the users and are a fun way to promote your business and increase conversion.
    • Spin the wheel
    • Word games
    • Quizzes
    • Scratch cards
    • Scavenger hunts
  2. Interactive images – In this fast-moving world where users’ attention span has significantly decreased, images are attention grabbers, and most importantly, they give a long-lasting impression on your subscriber. Moreover, if images are clickable, they become more engaging. So when your reader clicks on the image in your email, they will be directed to your website’s landing page, where they can explore the information given in the image. You can also make a part of the image clickable, and when the user clicks on its icons or elements, they will see a video, tooltips, or animations. Therefore, images are great educational tools to provide information in a fun and interactive way.
  3. Countdown timersemail countdown timers are a good way to get things done by using the psychology of a human. We all are psychologically programmed to take impulsive steps when a decision is to be taken in a split second. This phenomenon is called the Flight or Fight mechanism. Giving them limited time makes it easier for the user to make rapid decisions. Countdown timers in your email content can act as a catalyst to trigger that emotion. So when the user sees a countdown timer, he will automatically worry about missing out and introspect on his needs.
Email Countdown GIF
  1. GIFs and memes – GIFs are short repeated clips of videos from movies, daily soaps, etc. They ad an element of fun and attraction to the emails. When used correctly, they can elevate your emails. Adding GIFs will make your emails interactive and, at the same time, attention-grabbing. GIFs can have a double effect when you send welcome messages to your new contacts because welcome emails having GIFs have a double click-through rate compared to traditional emails. These fun and interactive elements also give your emails a human touch in times of automation.
Meme in email
  1. Calendars – Entertaining and clickable events in an interactive email will help you build curiosity among your subscribers. A touch of mystery is an added plus. Events can be anything ranging from hidden product descriptions to roll-over effects that reveal more information as users engage more with them. Calendars can help you get more demo bookings, event registration, etc. Giving users an option to book a demo call within email reduces the friction in the submission process as there are no redirects. Hence, the demo booking rate goes up.
Calendar in email
  1. Opinion Polls – You can use a survey or poll to learn more about your subscribers. You can add a link to the survey, but many recipients are reluctant to do this as an extra step. So, to make this effective, embed the form or poll right within your emails, making your email more interactive and motivating your readers to give immediate responses. While making the form, you can add custom questions and multiple choice answers, add your business’s logo and use matching colors to the form.
Poll in email

Tips For Using Interactive Elements In Email

Here are 3 tips for deploying interactive elements to their maximum potential in your emails:

  • Dynamic Content Blocks – Using dynamic content blocks helps you in segmenting your emails into multiple sets. It will help you hyper-personalize your emails. Earlier, this was not possible, but with the advancements in HTML coding, email developers have found a way to create certain content blocks that dynamically refresh when the email is opened. It gives you the freedom to hyper-personalize your emails using multiple sets of segmentation criteria.
  • Personalization – Interaction without personalization gives a wrong signal to the users. People nowadays want to connect to brands directly, and interactive emails give a whole new aspect to email personalization. You can use your customer’s details and preferences with interactive elements such as games, live polls, GIFs, and timers to capture their interest.
  • Experiment – You will always learn new things with every strategy you create and implement. Strategizing is a wholesome learning process, and that is why don’t be afraid to experiment with extra elements and ideas in your email marketing strategy. You must try distinct elements before finding the perfect element that works for you. And even after getting the right strategy, you might need to change it as per the email type and the goals you want to achieve.

The last few years have been revolutionary in terms of the internet and the choices marketers have in the digital world. For a long time, emails were static and were mainly seen as a one-sided communication medium. However, interactive emails have changed the game of email marketing, where now you can astutely engage with your users, giving them the best user experience.

Aquibur Rahman

Aquibur Rahman is the CEO of Mailmodo, an email marketing solution that enables users to send app-like interactive emails. He has marketing experience in inbound and outbound strategies, SEO, growth, CRO, and marketing automation. He has helped many B2C and B2B brands, including early-stage tech startups to fast-track growth using agile and data-driven marketing processes. When Google released AMP emails, Aquib saw great potential in it for reinventing email marketing. This led him to start Mailmodo to help businesses get better ROI from email marketing.

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