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Our Mission

Martech Zone assists business professionals to research, learn, and discover sales and marketing-related technology.

  • History – Our first post for this publication was in 2005. It started as the personal blog of Douglas Karr and had a mix of business, personal, and political posts. It had evolved across multiple domains, including and, finally resolving into in 2017.
  • Key Products or Services – While many publications offer thought leadership, acquisition, and hiring news in the industry, Martech Zone is purely focused on utilizing technology to digitally transform businesses. We actively promote platforms with promotional product or service overviews and the opportunity for readers to research those resources deeper through links back to their site.

Target Audience

According to Clearbit, this is our latest firmagraphic data profile of visitors.

Martech Zone Audience

Contact Information

Martech Zone’s operating company is DK New Media, LLC. DK New Media is owned and operated solely by Douglas Karr. Our contact info:

  • Address: 7915 S Emerson Ave B203, Indianapolis, IN 46237.
  • Submission requests are handled through our submission form.
  • Partnership and sponsorship requests are handled through our contact form.

Logo and Branding

Our logo is representative of a M, T, and Z for Martech Zone. If you’re going to utilize this logo, please ensure there is at least 15% padding outside of the edges of the logo. You can download a PDF of the logo here.

Martech Zone Logo
  • Our brand colors are blue (#1880BA) and dark blue (#1B60AA).
  • Our fonts are Neue Haas Grotesk for headings and Open Sans for body text.


Our feed subscribers

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We also have 11,900 subscribers to our browser notifications.

You can follow us on the following social media channels:

  • Twitter – 18,800 followers on the Martech Zone account.
  • Facebook – 7,300 followers on the Martech Zone page.
  • LinkedIn – newly launched, we have 181 followers. Douglas Karr’s page has over 10,000 connections and is the primary LinkedIn promotion channel.
  • YouTube – video has not been a primary medium, although we are interested in expanding our reach on YouTube. Currently, we have less than 200 followers.
  • Podcast – Martech Zone Interviews has over 546,000 downloads to date with 173 published episodes. The show is currently on hiatus right now as we focus on other content development.


  • Douglas Karr is a frequent author and member of the Forbes Agency Council.
  • Douglas Karr is frequently named a top digital transformation and digital marketing expert on the Internet across all influencer platforms. He was named in the Top 1% of digital marketers globally by LinkedIn for several years.

Advertising and Sponsorship

  • We do not offer and will not accept being paid for backlinks. Our backlinks are natural and are incorporated when the destination site is of value and the content provided is not attempting to game backlinking algorithms.
  • We have ongoing affiliate relationships through a number of influencer and affiliate platforms and we use this as a primary means of generating revenue for the products and services we share on the site.
  • We can put together custom programs for advertisers or brands who wish to openly and transparently partner with us. This includes sponsoring content on our site, our podcast, or in our videos. Contact us through the footer form for additional information. Please include your goals, your budget, and your timeline.

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