Moosend: All The Marketing Automation Features To Build, Test, Track, and Grow Your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes One exciting aspect of my industry is the continued innovation and dramatic drop in cost for highly sophisticated marketing automation platforms. Where businesses once spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (and still do) for great platforms… now the costs have dropped significantly while the featuresets continue to improve. We were recently working with an enterprise fashion fulfillment company that was ready to sign a contract for a platform that would cost them over half-a-million dollars

Printful: On-Demand Print and Embroidery Fulfillment

Reading Time: 2 minutes One of the misnomers of dropshipping is that you wind up losing profit as you pay other providers to print and fulfill your products. That’s actually not the case at all. At issue is the enormous startup costs to build out your own storage and fulfillment centers to accommodate growth. Dropshippers can earn more than 50% more profit than those who keep their own stock inventory. Additionally, companies that open their fulfillment up to selling

SEOReseller: White Label SEO Platform, Reporting, and Services for Agencies

Reading Time: 3 minutes While many digital marketing agencies focus solely on brand, design, and customer experience, they sometimes are lacking in search engine optimization (SEO). That doesn’t mean that they can’t be successful for their clients – they often are. But it does mean that their return doesn’t often meet its full potential for acquiring new business. Search is unlike virtually any other channel because the user is typically showing actual intent for purchase. Other advertising and social

Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist: 10 Steps To Superior Results

Reading Time: 3 minutes As I continue to work with clients on their marketing campaigns and initiatives, I often find that there are gaps in their marketing campaigns that prevent them from meeting their maximum potential. Some findings: Lack of clarity – Marketers often overlap steps in the buying journey that don’t provide clarity and focus on the purpose of the audience. Lack of direction – Marketers often do a great job designing a campaign but miss the most

Upstream, Upselling, and Downstream Marketing Opportunities For Business Growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you asked most people where they find their audience, you’ll often get a very narrow response. Most advertising and marketing activity is associated with the vendor selection of the buyer’s journey… but is that already too late? If you’re a digital transformation consultation firm; for example, you may fill out all the details in a spreadsheet by only viewing your current prospects and limiting yourself to the strategies you’re proficient at. You might do