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7 Ecommerce Tips For Creating Content that Converts

By creating content people find interesting and relevant, you can enhance your site’s visibility on Google’s search results. Doing that will help set you up for some conversions. But just getting people looking at your stuff doesn’t guarantee they’re taking action and giving you a conversion. Follow these seven ecommerce tips for creating content that converts. Know Your Client To create content that converts you’ll need to have a pretty good idea of what your client is like. Start by collecting some demographic data on people who visit your page, subscribe to your emails, and


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Epson LightScene: Interactive Retail Experiences with Digital Projection

The retail experience will always outperform the online experience. Even with the addition of augmented and virtual reality, consumers may buy online… but still love to go experience a product. It’s why retail establishments have transformed themselves over the last decade from rows of sky-high, high-inventory stores to being showcases for consumers to interact with the merchandise being sold. While digital signage has taken off, we’re seeing growth in digital projection as well. Epson has announced LightScene™, a new category of accent lighting laser projectors for digital art and signage. LightScene is designed to simultaneously


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VisCircle: Advance Your Ecommerce Product Pages with 3D Technology

Technology innovations have been a boon to our society and too many fields and industries in many ways. One ecommerce innovation has been the use of 3D technology. A limitation of the web (at this point) is the ability to fully experience a product like we do in-person at a retail outlet. Until AR and VR are widely adopted, the most impactful and engaging experience is the ability to thoroughly inspect a product online where you can rotate and zoom the product to see every aspect of it.  When I was recently purchasing a soundbar


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Proof: Increase Website Conversions 10-15 Percent with Social Influence

Proof displays real-time customer activity notifications on your website and let your existing customers sell for you. Users of Proof are seeing anything from a 10-15% increase in conversion rates with Proof campaigns active on their site. Proof consistently allows our client campaigns to perform better than our competition and keeps our clients staying with us for months and months! Nexus Affects Using Proof can both save you advertising expenses and increase your current rate on current ads. The reason is that your visitors trust you as they see other people purchasing from you as


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Rep: A Multi-Channel Helpdesk for Increasing Shopify Customer Lifetime Value

Founded by ex-Googlers with deep experience in messaging, personalization, and machine learning, Rep is a modern helpdesk for Shopify with messaging at its core. It powers thoughtful communication at every step in the customer journey. Whether shoppers are browsing your store, awaiting delivery, in need of help, or looking for your latest recommendation, Rep can make it happen. Centralized Communication – Some customers want to chat on your site, some want to text you from their phone, and some still want to email you. No matter how your shoppers to talk to you, Rep brings