Online Video Advertising Statistics And Trends

While advertising budgets are declining in 2022, there’s one area that continues to skyrocket in popularity – online video advertising. I believe there are several reasons why this is happening: Bandwidth – the expansion and support of high speed internet across both desktops and mobile (cellular). Adoption – virtually every platform has adopted both short and long video formats as part of their offering.. from video-on-demand, to hosted video platforms, to every social media channel.

How To Write Your Company’s Story: Five Essential Elements

I love design, but I’m a terrible designer. I love development, but I’m quite the hack. And I write daily on Martech Zone and I’ve authored Corporate Blogging For Dummies, but I don’t classify myself as a writer. I recognize a great design, I am blown away by great development, and I love great writing. We just launched a new corporate site for Highbridge, so this advice from Thinkshift was perfect timing on how we

40 Email Marketing Mistakes To Check And Avoid Before Clicking Send

There are a ton more mistakes you can do with your entire email marketing program… but this infographic focuses on the most common mistakes we make before clicking send. We’ve added a few of our own recommendations here before you ever even start building your first email. Deliverability Checks Before we begin, are we set up for failure or success? You should absolutely ensure that you configure your email marketing infrastructure properly. Dedicated IP –