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  • History of Text Messaging (SMS, MMS, Texting)

    The History of Text Messaging (Updated for 2023)

    In today’s world, texting is a ubiquitous form of communication, but it had humble beginnings. Let’s journey through the history of texting, highlighting the key milestones highlighted in the beautiful series of infographics below from SimpleTexting. 1992: The First Text Message On December 3, 1992, in the U.K., the first-ever text message was sent. Engineer Neil Papworth sent the message…

  • Science of Persuasion

    The Science of Persuasion: Six Principles That Influence Decision-Making

    For over 60 years, researchers have delved into the fascinating realm of persuasion, aiming to understand the factors that lead individuals to say yes to requests. In this journey, they’ve unearthed a science that underpins our decision-making processes, often filled with surprises. This video infographic from the writers of Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive provides insight into…

  • Steps for crafting a great story. Storytelling.

    Seven Steps to the Perfect Story

    Crafting compelling stories is an invaluable tool in sales and marketing. Stories uniquely captivate an audience, evoke emotions, and convey complex information in a relatable and memorable way. In sales, stories can transform a product or service from a commodity into a solution that addresses a customer’s needs and desires. In marketing, stories create connections, building brand loyalty and driving…

  • Pinterest Marketing Advertising and Statistics

    Pinterest Marketing, Advertising, and Statistics for 2023

    Pinterest is a dynamic social media platform incorporating content, an engaged social community, social commerce, and search to carve out a unique space in online technology and marketing. Unlike many social networks, Pinterest revolves around visual discovery, enabling users to find and share inspiration through images, infographics, and more. With its engaging and user-friendly interface, Pinterest has become a go-to…

  • Evolution of the Salesperson

    The Evolution of the Salesperson

    The evolution of salespeople over the decades has been a fascinating journey, shaped by changing economic landscapes, evolving consumer behaviors, and the relentless march of technology. From the 1800s to the present day, salespeople have adapted their strategies to meet the demands of each era. This article explores this remarkable transformation by delving into the key characteristics, strategies, and consumer…

  • The History of Marketing

    The History Of Marketing

    The word marketing has its origins in the late Middle English language. It can be traced back to the Old English word mǣrket, which meant a marketplace or a place where goods were bought and sold. Over time, the term evolved, and by the 16th century, it came to refer to various activities related to buying and selling products or…

  • How to Prompt AI: The PROMPTAI Model

    Unlock the Power of AI: The PROMPTAI Model for Prompting Generative AI Platforms like ChatGPT

    The demand for high-quality, engaging content is at an all-time high. Sales and marketing professionals constantly seek efficient ways to create compelling content that resonates with their target audience. Enter Generative AI, a game-changing technology that can assist in content creation, and the key to harnessing its potential is crafting effective prompts. What is Generative AI Generative AI, short for…

  • How social networks influence our lives

    How Social Networks Influence Our Lives

    Social media platforms have become the heartbeat of our interconnected world. Billions of individuals spanning diverse backgrounds and age groups, have embraced these platforms as integral parts of their lives. Here are updated 2023 statistics on the average person and their use of social media daily: Number of social media users: There are 4.8 billion social media users worldwide, representing…

  • 2023 CRM Statistics

    CRM Statistics: The Uses, Benefits & Challenges of Customer Relationship Management Platforms

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) continues to dominate the digital marketing and sales industry in 2023. With its increasing importance in customer retention and lead generation, businesses of all sizes are adopting CRM systems to better manage customer relationships and streamline their marketing and sales efforts. In this article, we will delve into a brief history of CRM, its definition, benefits,…


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