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Advertising Psychology: How Thinking Versus Feeling Impacts Your Advertising Response Rates

The average consumer is exposed to an enormous volume of advertising every 24 hours. That’s about 2 million ads a year that the average person sees! This includes radio, television, search, social media and print ads. In fact, Since we are exposed to so much advertising, how do advertisers and marketers make sure their ads stand out? Psychology. Great advertising taps into either our emotional or rational response. Emotional response to an ad has far greater influence on a consumer’s intent to purchase than the actual ad content. By tapping into pride, love, unique achievements,


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Here’s a Great List of Instagram Story Examples and Case Studies

We’ve shared a previous article, Everything You Need to Know About Instagram Stories, but how are brands utilizing them to drive marketing and sales? Instagram Story Statistics: So how are brands putting Instagram Stories to work for them? Here are 7 ways that brands are utilizing stories to increase awareness, engagement, and sales with Instagram users: Product Promotion – 36% of all stories directly promote the sale of a product or service. An Inside Look – 22% of all stories provide access to content not seen anywhere else. Influencer Takeover – 14% of all stories


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Marketing Has Become The Lynchpin of Cross-Functional Success in Corporations

It’s difficult to pinpoint what point in my career prepared me for success. When I was in the Navy, while I was formally an Electrician, as an engineer I was also an also an advanced firefighter. I was also designated ESWS, an enlisted surface warfare specialist certification that provided me with an overview of virtually every job and system on my ship. That cross-functional knowledge and experience was the foundation of my young leadership experience. After the Navy, I worked at a newspaper as an industrial electrician. My ability to learn and work cross-functionally led


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Black Friday Shopping Statistics Infographic

Black Friday continues to be the most popular shopping day on the planet, with most of it in retail outlets. In fact, Black Friday is just a few weeks away, with shoppers and retailers everywhere gearing up for the event. Many have a love/hate relationship with it. On one hand, it can drive some major sales for businesses and customers can get some great pre-Christmas bargains. Yet, its popularity and size cause challenges for businesses as well. Notably in managing the scale of a Black Friday sale, of standing out from the crowd and meeting