DESelect: Marketing Data Enablement Solutions for Salesforce AppExchange

It is of importance for marketers to establish 1:1 journeys with customers at scale, quickly, and efficiently. One of the most used marketing platforms used for this purpose is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). SFMC offers a wide range of possibilities and combines that multifunctionality with unprecedented opportunities for marketers to connect with customers across different stages of their customer journey. The Marketing Cloud will, for example, not only enable marketers to define their data

Maximize Your 2022 Marketing Efforts with Consent Management

2021 has been just as unpredictable as 2020, as a host of new issues are challenging retail marketers. Marketers will need to remain agile and responsive to challenges old and new while attempting to do more with less. COVID-19 irreversibly changed the way people discover and shop — now add compounding forces of the Omicron variant, supply chain disruptions and fluctuating consumer sentiment to the already complicated puzzle. Retailers looking to capture pent-up demand are

Plezi One: A Free Tool To Generate Leads With Your B2B Website

After several months in the making, Plezi, a SaaS marketing automation software provider, is launching its new product in public beta, Plezi One. This free and intuitive tool helps small and medium-sized B2B companies transform their corporate website into a lead generation site. Find out how it works below. Today, 69% of companies with a website are trying to develop their visibility through various channels such as advertising or social networks. However, 60% of them

PowerChord: Centralized Local Lead Management and Distribution for Dealer-Distributed Brands

The larger brands get, the more moving parts appear. Brands sold through a network of local dealers have an even more complex set of business goals, priorities, and online experiences to consider — from the brand perspective down to the local level. Brands want to be easily discovered and purchased. Dealers want new leads, more foot traffic, and increased sales. Customers want a frictionless information gathering and purchase experience — and they want it fast.

Audiense Insights: Audience Segmentation Intelligence and Analysis Software

A key strategy and challenge when developing and marketing a brand is understanding who your market is. Great marketers avoid the temptation of guessing because we’re often biased in our approach. Anecdotal stories from internal decision-makers who have relationships with their market often don’t uncover the overall view of our audience is for a few reasons: The loudest prospects or customers aren’t necessarily the average or best prospects or customers. While a company may have