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  • Pabbly Plus: Email, Payments, Subscriptions, Forms, Workflow Automation

    Pabbly Plus: Form Creation, Email Marketing, Payments, And Workflow Automation In One Bundle

    With so many companies forced to reduce marketing headcount and looking for ways to automate data processes as well as reduce technology expenses, bundles like Pabbly are worth evaluating. While there are many workflow and automation platforms out there, I’m not sure of any platform that includes a form builder, payment processing for subscriptions, an affiliate program, and email verification.…

  • Maropost Marketing Cloud - Multi-channel journeys for email, sms, web, and social media

    Maropost Marketing Cloud: Multi-Channel Automation For Email, SMS, Web, and Social Media

    A challenge to today’s marketers is to recognize that their prospects are all at different points in the customer journey. On the same day, you may have a visitor to your website who isn’t aware of your brand, a prospect who is researching your products and services to solve their challenge or an existing customer who is seeing if there…

  • Marketing Project Management Platform - Clickup Collaboration, PM

    ClickUp: Marketing Project Management That’s Integrated With Your Martech Stack

    One of the unique things about our digital transformation firm is that we’re vendor agnostic regarding the tools and implementations we are doing for clients. One area where this comes in handy is project management. If the client utilizes a specific platform, we’ll either sign up as users or they’ll provide us access and we’ll work to ensure the project…

  • what is netnography

    What is Netnography? How Is It Being Used In Sales and Marketing?

    You’ve all heard my thoughts on buyer personas, and the virtual ink is barely dry on that blog post, and I’ve already found a new and much better way of creating buyer personas. Netnography has emerged as a much faster, more efficient, and more accurate means of creating buyer personas. One means of this is online research companies utilizing location-based…

  • Best Practices for Improving Customer Journeys

    The Art & Science of Improving the Customer Journey in 2023

    Improving the customer journey requires constant attention as companies adjust their strategies to rapidly shifting consumer trends, buying habits, and economic conditions. Many retailers need to adjust their strategies more quickly… Up to 60 percent of potential sales are lost when customers express intent to purchase but ultimately fail to act. According to a study of more than 2.5 million recorded sales…