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  • Digital Marketing Training Courses and Certifications

    Make Yourself Indispensable To Potential and Current Employers With These Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications

    It’s a challenging economy right now for marketing professionals. If you’re at risk of losing employment or you’ve been laid off and are job hunting, I’d encourage you to take the time to expand your knowledge of digital marketing beyond your expertise with some digital marketing courses and – ultimately – certifications. Too many professionals in the marketing industry see…

  • Unified Commerce and Capturing Market Potential

    Seizing Market Potential Through Unified Commerce

    In the modern business arena, companies grapple with dual challenges: optimizing back-end systems and enhancing customer interactions. As digital channels gain traction for transactions and engagement, while in-store experiences persist, the call for unified commerce is clear. However, technology integration remains a major hurdle. For the second year running, 75% of retailers see technology integration as a primary impediment, up…

  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Infographic

    Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Definitions, Growth, and Intersection

    With my career spanning decades, I’ve enjoyed working in both the traditional and digital marketing industries. My career started at a newspaper, where I caught the Internet bug and began networking and programming. I moved on to database marketing and direct mail and then to MarTech and SaaS platforms. I often share that much of my success was bringing the…

  • Jeeng: Publisher Email Monetization and Ad Server

    Jeeng: Publisher Monetization and Extended Advertisement Reach Into Email

    The publishing industry, grappling with the challenges posed by social media’s dominance and changing business models, finds itself in a difficult position. As the industry faces pressure from users reluctant to pay for content, a need for innovative solutions emerges. Jeeng offers a range of solutions specifically designed for publishers and advertisers. This solution empowers publishers to focus on their…

  • Adobe Workfront: Marketing Workflows and Enterprise Marketing Collaboration Platform

    Adobe Workfront: Transforming Marketing Workflows and Enhancing Enterprise Collaboration

    The complexities of resources, mediums, and channels in enterprise marketing require tools to ensure workflows and collaboration are handled efficiently and easily. Having a workflow and collaboration tool offers the following benefits to enterprise marketers: Centralized Project Management: Enterprise marketing involves managing a multitude of projects simultaneously, often with overlapping timelines and resources. A centralized project management platform streamlines this…

  • SimplyCast Interactive Marketing Automation for Personalized Nurturing

    SimplyCast: An Interactive Marketing Automation Solution for Personalized Nurturing

    Interactive marketing automation solutions offer businesses the opportunity to overcome a range of challenges in the modern digital marketplace: Personalized Customer Engagement: Engaging with customers effectively and in a personalized manner can be difficult due to varied preferences and behaviors. Automation solutions enable businesses to nurture leads and build loyalty through tailored content, enhancing customer engagement. Insightful Data Utilization and…

  • Men vs Women: Online Shopping Behavior

    The Online Shopping Behavior of Men vs. Women

    Online shopping habits vary significantly between women and men, reflecting differences in priorities, decision-making processes, and responses to marketing strategies. This divergence provides valuable insights for businesses aiming to optimize their e-commerce platforms and marketing campaigns. Men vs. Women: Evolutionary Roles The difference in online shopping habits between men and women is not merely a reflection of contemporary cultural norms…


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