Plezi One: A Free Tool To Generate Leads With Your B2B Website

After several months in the making, Plezi, a SaaS marketing automation software provider, is launching its new product in public beta, Plezi One. This free and intuitive tool helps small and medium-sized B2B companies transform their corporate website into a lead generation site. Find out how it works below. Today, 69% of companies with a website are trying to develop their visibility through various channels such as advertising or social networks. However, 60% of them

Clarity: Free Heatmaps and Session Recordings for Website Optimization

As we designed and developed a custom Shopify theme for our online dress shop, we wanted to ensure that we designed an elegant and simple ecommerce site that didn’t confuse or overwhelm their customers. One example of our design testing was a more information block which had additional details about the products. If we published the section in the default region, it would significantly push down the price and add to cart button. However, if

PowerChord: Centralized Local Lead Management and Distribution for Dealer-Distributed Brands

The larger brands get, the more moving parts appear. Brands sold through a network of local dealers have an even more complex set of business goals, priorities, and online experiences to consider — from the brand perspective down to the local level. Brands want to be easily discovered and purchased. Dealers want new leads, more foot traffic, and increased sales. Customers want a frictionless information gathering and purchase experience — and they want it fast.

Calendly: How To Embed A Scheduling Popup or Embedded Calendar In Your Website or WordPress Site

A few weeks ago, I was on a site and noticed when I clicked a link to schedule an appointment with them that I wasn’t brought to a destination site, there was a widget that published the Calendly scheduler directly in a popup window. This is a great tool… keeping someone on your site is a much better experience than forwarding them to an external page. What is Calendly? Calendly integrates directly with your Google

7 Automated Workflows That Will Change Your Marketing Game

Marketing can be overwhelming for any person. You have to research your target customers, connect with them on different platforms, promote your products, then follow up until you close a sale. At the end of the day, it can feel like you were running a marathon. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming, simply automate the processes. Automation helps large businesses keep up with customer demands and small businesses stay relevant and competitive. So, if