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  • Digital Marketing Training Courses and Certifications

    Make Yourself Indispensable To Potential and Current Employers With These Digital Marketing Courses and Certifications

    It’s a challenging economy right now for marketing professionals. If you’re at risk of losing employment or you’ve been laid off and are job hunting, I’d encourage you to take the time to expand your knowledge of digital marketing beyond your expertise with some digital marketing courses and – ultimately – certifications. Too many professionals in the marketing industry see…

  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Infographic

    Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Definitions, Growth, and Intersection

    With my career spanning decades, I’ve enjoyed working in both the traditional and digital marketing industries. My career started at a newspaper, where I caught the Internet bug and began networking and programming. I moved on to database marketing and direct mail and then to MarTech and SaaS platforms. I often share that much of my success was bringing the…

  • QR Code: How they work, best practices, and a funny video

    Everything You Wanted To Know About QR Codes

    By now, you’ve likely scanned and utilized a QR code. Quick Response codes are two-dimensional barcodes that store information in a square-shaped grid of black squares on a white background. They work by encoding data in a way that can be quickly and easily read by a digital device, typically a smartphone camera. 45 percent of responding shoppers had used…

  • SimplyCast Interactive Marketing Automation for Personalized Nurturing

    SimplyCast: An Interactive Marketing Automation Solution for Personalized Nurturing

    Interactive marketing automation solutions offer businesses the opportunity to overcome a range of challenges in the modern digital marketplace: Personalized Customer Engagement: Engaging with customers effectively and in a personalized manner can be difficult due to varied preferences and behaviors. Automation solutions enable businesses to nurture leads and build loyalty through tailored content, enhancing customer engagement. Insightful Data Utilization and…

  • WPtouch pro Mobile WordPress Themes

    WPtouch Pro: WordPress Themes Focused on Mobile-First Businesses

    The rise of mobile-first browsing is a trend that cannot be ignored. Mobile internet usage has significantly transformed, driven by the widespread adoption of smartphones and tablets. There are over 5.25 billion smartphone users globally, which is especially pronounced in developing markets, where budget-friendly options have democratized digital access. The global mobile connections currently stand at approximately 10.37 billion, surpassing…

  • Tutorial Video Success Tips and Script

    How To Plan, Write, Edit, and Publish A Successful Tutorial Video

    A successful tutorial video involves engaging content, clear instructions, and high-quality production. Here’s an article that outlines the standard ingredients and script sections for creating a compelling tutorial video. Tutorial videos stand out as a go-to resource for knowledge seekers. With the rise in online education and DIY culture, creating a compelling tutorial video can be a lucrative skill. A…

  • Finding the right Marketing Automation tools in Healthcare, Pharma, and Life Sciences

    Decoding Marketing Automation Tools: How to Choose the Right Fit for Your Company

    Macroeconomic changes, evolving customer demands, and shifting priorities all pose challenges when it comes to scaling a business. This begs the following question: How can companies shield themselves from these threats while driving sales, engaging with the audience, and emerging as the key players? One answer is marketing automation. Organizations that rely on automation witness an increase in conversion rates…

  • Tether MacBook Pro via USB to iPad or iPhone for Wireless Internet

    How To Tether Your MacBook Pro to Your iPad or iPhone Wireless to Connect to the Internet via USB

    I’ve got a great home office with fiber, and my home is both wired and has an Eero mesh network. It’s a beautiful setup, but today I found myself in trouble. For the first time ever, my fiber provider was having an outage. After confirming with the company that they were down, I had to get some work done but…


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