Automated Marketing Messages that Convert

You’ve got your customer acquisition funnel dialed in. Your retention strategy is all plotted out. And you’ve got a warehouse full of customer data. So why aren’t enough people converting, and where’s all that churn coming from?  Chances are, your marketing messages just don’t line up with your customers’ actual needs in the moment. And when they don’t see immediate value in what you send, they’ll quickly walk away. That means you’re sacrificing a lot

What Is An API? And Other Acronyms: REST, SOAP, XML, JSON, WSDL

When you utilize a browser, your browser makes requests from the client’s server and the server sends back files that your browser assembles and displays a web page with. But what if you just wanted your server or web page to speak to another server? This would require you to program code to an API. What Does API stand for? API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface (API). An API is a set of How To Get Your Small Business or Online Store Up And Running Online Without Breaking the Bank

Marketing consultants and agencies tend to work with businesses that have enough revenue where they see the opportunity to invest in platforms and services. Having started multiple companies in the last couple of decades, I know how difficult it is to establish that sole proprietor business and get revenues to a point where I could hire those first employees. Over 12 million companies in the United States have between 1 and 4 employees. NAICS Many

High Churn Rates Hamper Game Apps’ Growth — Here Is How to Beat the Odds

A tale as old as time: mobile games invest a lot in acquiring new users while their retention sees a drawdown. The latest game apps data study by Pushwoosh has shown an unfortunate trend for game apps, especially those on Android: their churn rates soar to 75.4% by Day 30. At that, more than half of the costly-acquired audience stops being active on the very same day of the game app install. In this seemingly