Maropost Marketing Cloud: Multi-Channel Automation For Email, SMS, Web, and Social Media

A challenge to today’s marketers is to recognize that their prospects are all at different points in the customer journey. On the same day, you may have a visitor to your website who isn’t aware of your brand, a prospect who is researching your products and services to solve their challenge, or an existing customer who is seeing if there are available products and services to expand their current relationship. This is complicated, of course,

Camtasia: The Easiest Screen Recording and Video Editing Software For Your Business

Whether you’re looking to create interactive software demos, training videos, or tutorials, utilizing desktop software is almost a must. Editing, publishing, and converting video files requires plenty of hardware and memory… so online platforms aren’t typically an option. Some video editing mobile applications are pretty good, but they lack the desktop real estate that your large monitor has to comfortably make edits and work across multiple layers of audio and video. Camtasia Screen Recording and

Vyond: Build Your Own Animated Videos With This Video Animation Studio

I’ve helped several companies develop their video strategies over the years and animated video explainer videos are an amazing piece of content that can be used to concisely and thoroughly explain your products, services, and solutions, as well as differentiate your brand from your competitors. Explainer videos all follow a similar production and script sequence and are incredibly effective at helping guide a consumer or business through to a conversion. With YouTube being the second

Jobber: Commercial and Residential Service Estimates, Quotes, Scheduling, Invoicing, and Payments

My consulting firm has managed the marketing and integrations for several commercial and residential service companies and they all have one thing in common… the seamless experience they provide customers and the quality of the job they commit to are core to their business growth and success. In other words, when commercial and residential businesses make it easy to work with them, they’re happier customers who are more than happy to share their experience with