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  • Steve Jobs Infographic and Lesser Known Facts

    Steve Jobs: The Infographic and Insights Beyond the Apple Legacy

    I’m an Apple fanboy and believe there are essential lessons that were deployed by Steve Jobs and the amazingly talented people he had working for him. Two lessons stand out for me: Marketing the potential for using your products or using your services is more powerful when marketing than the features you’ve developed. Apple marketing inspired its prospects and customers,…

  • Science of Persuasion

    The Science of Persuasion: Six Principles That Influence Decision-Making

    For over 60 years, researchers have delved into the fascinating realm of persuasion, aiming to understand the factors that lead individuals to say yes to requests. In this journey, they’ve unearthed a science that underpins our decision-making processes, often filled with surprises. This video infographic from the writers of Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive provides insight into…

  • The History of Marketing

    The History Of Marketing

    The word marketing has its origins in the late Middle English language. It can be traced back to the Old English word mǣrket, which meant a marketplace or a place where goods were bought and sold. Over time, the term evolved, and by the 16th century, it came to refer to various activities related to buying and selling products or…

  • How to Choose and Invest in Marketing Technology (MarTech)

    How to Effectively Choose and Manage Your MarTech Investment

    The MarTech world has exploded. In 2011, there were only 150 martech solutions. Now there are over 9,932 solutions available to industry professionals. There are more solutions now than ever before, but companies face two main challenges regarding selection.  Investing in a new MarTech solution is completely off the table for many companies. They have already chosen a solution, and their…

  • 4Ps of Marketing: Product, Price, Place, Promotion

    What Are The 4 Ps Of Marketing? Should We Update Them For Digital Marketing?

    The 4Ps of marketing are a model for deciding the key elements of a marketing strategy, developed by E. Jerome McCarthy, a professor of marketing, in the 1960s. McCarthy introduced the model in his book, Basic Marketing: A Managerial Approach. McCarthy’s 4Ps model was intended to provide a framework for businesses to use when developing a marketing strategy. The model…

  • what is net promoter score nps

    What is the Net Promoter Score (NPS) System?

    Last week, I traveled to Florida (I do this every quarter or so) and for the first time I listened to a book on Audible on the way down. I selected The Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World after a dialogue with some marketing professionals online. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) system is based…

  • How To Build An Authentic Brand

    How To Build An Authentic Brand

    The leading marketing gurus of the world express it in different ways, but all agree that the current market is ripe with theories, cases, and success stories centred on human brands. The key words within this growing market are authentic marketing and human brands. Different Generations: One Voice Philip Kotler, one of the Grand Old Men of marketing, dubs the phenomenon Marketing 3.0. In his…

  • The Artist's Way

    Writing Doesn’t Suck, It Just Requires Practice

    My best friend’s wife, Wendy Russell, is a television producer and writer. She hosted a successful series on HGTV called She’s Crafty. We’ve been good friends for almost 20 years now and I’ve been in awe of her creative talent and drive over the years. Personally, I don’t think of myself as a creative or a writer. But every day…

  • SEO Checklist from SEO Buddy

    SEO Buddy: Your SEO Checklist And Guides To Increasing Your Organic Ranking Visibility

    The SEO Checklist by SEO Buddy is your roadmap to every important SEO action you need to take to optimize your website and get more organic traffic. This is a comprehensive package, unlike anything I’ve seen online, incredibly helpful to the average business to help them continuously optimize their sites and maximize their visibility on search. The SEO Checklist Includes…


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