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Martech Zone Apps is a collection of small web-based tools, web-based apps and calculators provided free to marketers to help them with there day to day work.

  • Free tool to get your YouTube Video Thumbnails and Images

    YouTube Thumbnail Viewer: Here Are Your YouTube Video’s Images

    YouTube uses various URL formats to direct users to its videos and accompanying thumbnail images. We’ve built a nice little tool where you can locate yours: Your YouTube Video Images: Get YouTube Thumbnails Here’s a detailed list of the common types of YouTube video URLs, along with descriptions of how they identify videos within them: Standard YouTube Watch URLs –…

  • Whois Lookup Tool

    App: WHOIS Lookup

    If you’ve ever registered a domain, your domain registrar must publish a registration record publicly. A WHOIS lookup is a tool that enables people to look up domain name registration information. This tool is essential to review domain ownership specifics, as it offers contact details, domain registration, and expiry dates. Enter Your Domain: WHOIS Lookup Privacy Protection in Domain Registration…

  • What is my IP Address?

    App: What’s My IP Address

    If you ever need to know your IP address as viewed from an online source, here you go! I’ve updated the logic on this app to attempt to find the user’s true IP address. The challenges are found in the article below. Your IP Address Is IP is a standard defining how devices on a network communicate with each other…

  • App: http header request test and troubleshoot tool

    App: Post and Retrieve HTTP Header Information

    HTTP headers play a crucial role as the gatekeepers of valuable information exchanged between web browsers, servers, and APIs. These headers, part of the HTTP request and response messages, convey essential metadata about the nature of the request or the content being transferred. Understanding and analyzing HTTP headers is key to diagnosing and resolving web-related issues for developers, marketers, and…

  • What is an SPF Record? How Sender Policy Framework Stops Phishing

    App: How To Build Your SPF Record

    The details and explanation of how an SPF record works are detailed below the SPF Record builder. SPF Record Builder Here’s a form that you can use to build your own TXT record to add to your domain or subdomain that you’re sending emails from. SPF Record Builder NOTE: We do not store entries submitted from this form; however, values…

  • Trace Redirects Tool: View Every Redirect Hop and HTTP Status Code

    App: Trace URL Redirects and View All Your Hops with our Redirect Checker

    Redirects play a crucial role on the Internet, ensuring users are directed to the correct destination pages and resources. Redirect tracking or redirect tracing are terms used to describe the process of following and monitoring the path that a URL takes when it undergoes one or more redirects, typically to ensure that the redirects are functioning correctly and to diagnose…

  • How to find your Google Review Link (URL)

    App: How To Find Your Company’s Direct Google Review Link

    Online reviews have become a powerful influence on consumer decisions. When it comes to a local marketing strategy, Google Reviews has emerged as a critical factor in building trust, attracting new customers, and achieving prominence in the coveted Map Pack. The quantity, quality, and frequency of reviews can impact your local search ranking. Let’s explore why Google Reviews are vital…

  • How to Check DNS Propagation

    App: DNS Propagation Checker

    DNS propagation is the process by which changes to DNS records are distributed and updated across the internet. When a domain name’s DNS records are modified, such as updating the IP address associated with a domain’s A record, these changes need time to be reflected universally. DNS propagation can take some time, ranging from a few minutes to several hours,…

  • Conversion Rate Calculator

    App: Conversion Rate Calculator (With Optimization Slider)

    The term Conversion Rate (CR) is pivotal for any digital marketer. It represents the percentage of visitors to a page who complete a desired action. This action could be anything from making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a guide. Conversion Rate Calculator I’ve designed an interactive and intuitive Conversion Rate Calculator that empowers you to see…

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