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Martech Zone Apps is a collection of small web-based tools, web-based apps and calculators provided free to marketers to help them with there day to day work.

  • 1-800 toll-free number benefits and vanity phone number converter

    Why Do Companies Still Invest in 1-800 Numbers?

    Commonly known as toll-free numbers… 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, and 833 phone numbers are still used to a great extent here in the United States. Ironically, telephone companies no longer charge tolls for out-of-state numbers, so the toll-free moniker doesn’t fit. In 2017, with the growth of VoIP services, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) repealed the rule that…

  • Google Analytics UTM Campaign URL Builder

    Google Analytics Campaign UTM Querystring Builder

    Utilize this tool to build your Google Analytics Campaign URL. The form validates your URL, includes logic on whether it already has a querystring within it, and adds all of the appropriate UTM variables: utm_id, utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, and optional utm_term and utm_content. Target URL: Required: Valid URL including https:// with domain, page, and optional querystring ID: Optional: Use to…

  • Word Counter, Sentence Counter, Character Counter

    Word Counter, Sentence Counter, and Character Counter (Removing HTML)

    If you’re reading this article in our email or feed, you will need to click through to the page to use the app. Text or HTML Clean Text Count Copy Clean Text As with many of our Martech Zone Apps, I keep finding new tools that I need when I’m working with our clients. Whether it’s ensuring titles and meta descriptions…

  • Online JSON Viewer Tool

    JSON Viewer: Free Tool To Parse and View Your API’s JSON Output

    There are times when I’m working with JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) getting passed or returned from APIs and I need to troubleshoot how I’m parsing the array that’s returned. However, most of the time it’s difficult because it’s just a single string. That’s when a JSON Viewer comes in very handy so that you can indent the hierarchical data and…

  • CPA Calculator: How Is Cost Per Action Calculated?

    Cost Per Action Calculator: Why Is CPA Important? How Is It Calculated?

    Cost Per Action Calculator Campaign Results Direct Campaign Expenses * $ Expenses specifically for campaign. Total Actions * Number of actions (sale, lead, download, conversions) generated by the campaign. Traditional CPA $ This is the traditional Cost Per Action (Campaign Expenses / Total Actions). Platform Expenses Annual Platform Expenses * $ Annual platform licensing and support. Annual Campaigns Sent *…

  • What is an SPF Record? How Sender Policy Framework Stops Phishing

    What Is An SPF Record? How Does the Sender Policy Framework Work To Stop Phishing Emails?

    The details and explanation of how an SPF record works are detailed below the SPF Record builder. SPF Record Builder Here’s a form that you can use to build your own TXT record to add to your domain or subdomain that you’re sending emails from. SPF Record Builder NOTE: We do not store entries submitted from this form; however, values…

  • Convert Hex to RGB or Convert RGB / RGBA to Hexidecimal Colors

    Convert Hex, RGB, and RGBA Colors

    This is a simple tool to convert a hexadecimal color to an RGB or RGBA value or vice versa. If you’re converting hex to RGB, Enter the hex value as #000 or #000000. If you’re converting RGB to hex, enter the RGB value as rgb(0,0,0) or rgba(0,0,0,0.1). I also return the common name for the color. Hex to RGB and…

  • Find My IP Address (IPv4 and IPv6)

    What’s My IP Address? And How to Exclude it from Google Analytics

    IPv4: . IPv6: . What is an IP Address? An IP is a standard defining how devices on a network communicate with each other using numerical addresses. IPv4 is the original version of the Internet Protocol, which was first developed in the 1970s. It uses 32-bit addresses, which allows for a total of approximately 4.3 billion unique addresses. IPv4 is…


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