Martech Zone Apps

Martech Zone Apps is a collection of small web-based tools, web-based apps and calculators provided free to marketers to help them with there day to day work.

  • Online Calculator To Calculate Sample Size For A Survey

    Calculator: Calculate Your Survey’s Minimum Sample Size

    Developing a survey and ensuring you have a valid response on which you can base your business decisions requires quite a bit of expertise. First, you have to ensure that your questions are asked in a manner that doesn’t bias the response. Second, you have to ensure that you survey enough people to get a statistically valid result. You don’t…

  • Referrer Spam List for Google Analytics

    Referrer SPAM List: How to Remove Referral Spam from Google Analytics Reporting

    Have you ever checked your Google Analytics reports only to find some very strange referrers popping up in the reports? You go to their site and there’s no mention of you but there are a ton of other offers there. Guess what? Those people never actually referred traffic to your site. Ever. If you didn’t realize how Google Analytics worked,…

  • Online JSON Viewer Tool

    JSON Viewer: Free Tool To Parse and View Your API’s JSON Output

    There are times when I’m working with JavaScript Object Notation APIs and I need to troubleshoot how I’m parsing the array that’s returned. However, most of the time it’s difficult because it’s just a single string. That’s when a JSON Viewer comes in very handy so that you can indent the hierarchical data, color code it, and then scroll through…

  • What's My IP Address?

    What’s My IP Address? And How to Exclude it from Google Analytics

    Sometimes that you need your IP address. A couple examples are whitelisting some security settings or filtering out traffic in Google Analytics. Keep in mind that an IP address that a web server sees is not your internal network IP address, it’s the IP address of the network that you’re on. As a result, changing wireless networks will produce a…

  • Google Analytics UTM Campaign URL Builder

    Google Analytics Campaign UTM Querystring Builder

    Utilize this tool to build your Google Analytics Campaign URL. The form validates your URL, includes logic on whether it already has a querystring within it, and adds all of the appropriate UTM variables: utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, and optional utm_term and utm_content. Google Analytics UTM Campaign Builder Google Analytics UTM Campaign Builder Fill in all of your campaign details. When…

  • Calculator: Predict How Your Online Reviews Are Impacting Sales

    Calculator: Predict How Your Online Reviews Will Impact Sales

    This calculator provides a predicted increase or decrease in sales based on the number of positive reviews, negative reviews, and resolved reviews that your company has online. How Online Reviews Will Impact Your Sales How Online Reviews Will Impact Your Sales Fill in all of your settings. When you submit the form, your predicted change in sales will be displayed.…