410 is the code for Deleted.

A response status code that indicates that a resource or page is no longer available at the requested URL and that it is unlikely to be available again in the future.

A 410 error is different from a 404 error, which means Not Found. While a 404 error indicates that a page or resource is temporarily missing, a 410 error indicates that it has been permanently removed.

You should use a 410 error instead of a redirect when you want to tell search engines that a page or resource has been permanently removed and should not be indexed or served in search results. Redirects are used to point users to a new URL when a page or resource has moved, while a 410 error indicates that the page or resource is no longer available and should not be accessed or linked to. By using a 410 error, you can signal to search engines to remove the page from their index, which can help improve the overall quality and relevance of search results.


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