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Time to Spring Clean that Email Marketing Program

Time to Spring Clean that Email Marketing Program | Martech ZoneIt’s that time of year again. The days are longer and the weather is nicer. People usually take advantage of spring time to be able to clean their houses from top to bottom. I know I’ve already done a deep clean of my humble abode. It’s not a bad idea to translate cleanliness to your email marketing program. Here are some spring cleaning tips:

Scrub! Take the time to scrub your lists really well. Find out who is no longer engaged in your mailings. I wouldn’t necessarily advise to delete them, but perhaps move them to a segment of their own that you can set up with a re-engagement campaign. This refreshes your email marketing list and makes sure you are only sending your emails to those subscribers that want to receive them.

Fresh Life. I always love in Spring when flowers start to bloom again – it’s always to beautiful! Can the same be said for your email campaigns? If not, take some time to refresh your design. Even if they are beautiful, if you’ve been using the same design for a year – it might be time to try a new look. Create a masterpiece, so when subscribers receive your messages they are amazed at how gorgeous your emails are!

Polish. Spring cleaning is an opportunity to look at your metrics. As an email marketer, I’m sure you are doing this already, but really look at them. Analyze to see what content your subscribers were most receptive to. You might want to try focusing on this and re-create a couple of emails to see if you get the same response or better!

Try Something New. I usually use my spring cleaning time as an opportunity to rearrange a space in my house – to try a new arrangement to see what set-up I like best. Maybe it’s time for you to try something new with your email marketing program? According to Merkle’s “View From the Digital Inbox” in 2011, “55% of those with Internet-enabled mobile phones use it to check their personal email account.” Perhaps you’ve gotten into a rut with your email campaigns. Don’t stay there! Try focusing on mobile if that’s where your audience is or text to subscribe? Anything to give your email campaigns a little extra oomph in the new season!

Need help spring cleaning those emails? Reach out to the email marketing consultants at Delivra. We are happy to lend a spring cleaning hand!


Lavon Temple

Lavon Temple is the Digital Media Specialist at BLASTmedia, developing communication plans for business-to-business clients outlining goals, strategies, and tactics.

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