The Best WordPress SEO Plugin: Rank Math

Rank Math SEO Plugin for WordPress is a lightweight search engine optimization plugin for WordPress that includes sitemaps, rich snippets, content analysis, and redirects.

WP Migrate: The Easiest Way To Separate A Single Site Away From WordPress Multisite

One of our clients grew to a point that their company separated from their parent company. At issue was that the parent company was managing all of their subbrands via WordPress Multisite. What is WordPress Multisite? WordPress Multisite is a pretty unique feature built within WordPress that enables quite a bit of customization and permissions across a network of sites in a single database and hosting instance. We once built a series of apartment sites

Angi Roofing’s Lack of Disclosure and Conflict Of Interest Should Draw Some Attention

Readers of my publication probably realize that we’ve helped multiple roofing companies build their online presence, grow their local search, and drive leads for their businesses. You may also remember that Angi (previously Angie’s List) was a key client who we assisted with their search engine optimization regionally. Back then, the focus of the business was driving consumers to use their system to report, review, or find services. I had incredible respect for the business

How to Embed a PDF Reader In Your WordPress Site With Optional Downloader

A trend that’s continuing to grow with my clients is putting resources on their sites without forcing the prospect to register to download them. PDFs specifically – including white papers, sales sheets, case studies, use cases, guides, etc. As an example, our partners and prospects often request that we send them sales sheets to distribute the package offerings we have. A recent example is our Salesforce CRM Optimization service. Some sites offer PDFs via download

Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist: 10 Steps To Superior Results

As I continue to work with clients on their marketing campaigns and initiatives, I often find that there are gaps in their marketing campaigns that prevent them from meeting their maximum potential. Some findings: Lack of clarity – Marketers often overlap steps in the buying journey that don’t provide clarity and focus on the purpose of the audience. Lack of direction – Marketers often do a great job designing a campaign but miss the most