RØDE Releases Quite the Podcast Production Studio!

One thing I’m not going to share in this post is how much money and time that I’ve spent buying, evaluating, and testing equipment for my podcasts. From a full mixer and studio, to a compact studio that I can carry in a backpack, down to USB microphones I can record via laptop or iPhone… I’ve tried them all. The problem to date has always been the combination of in-studio and remote guests. It’s such an issue that I even contacted some manufacturers to see if I could have someone build a prototype.  It’s not


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Amazon Web Services: How Big Is AWS?

Working with technology companies, I’m amazed at how many are hosting their platforms on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Netflix, Reddit, AOL, and Pinterest are now running on Amazon services. Even GoDaddy is moving a majority of its infrastructure there. Key to the popularity is the combination of the high availability and low cost. Amazon S3, for example, is designed to deliver 99.999999999% availability, serving trillions of objects worldwide. Amazon is notorious for its aggressive pricing and AWS’ is no different. That high availability and low cost has been attractive to startups who wish to scale


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Video Marketing Trends for 2019

One area that I’ve been focused on with my clients is video. While there’s a ton of buzz around video, my concern is that it’s a similar buzz that we continue to see with social media. Everyone is doing it, but very few are doing it well. The video marketing strategies that I see that perform well require quite a bit of research, pre-planning, quality recording, great lighting, fantastic audio, and outstanding editing. Everyone is a videographer now that we all have high-definition smartphones, but that doesn’t mean everyone is a great video marketer. It’s


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A Visual Look at Holiday Customer Journeys

If you’ve not subscribed yet, I’d highly recommend the Think with Google site and newsletter. Google puts out some amazing material to help retailers and businesses to grow their business online. In a recent article, they did a great job at visualizing 3 common customer journeys that are seen starting around Black Friday: The path to an unexpected retailer – starting with a mobile search, the journey provides insight into a specific persona that is bargain shopping online. The decision to repair or replace – another persona searches via desktop and then mobile, and interacting