Automation with Aggregation and Syndication

aggregation syndication

aggregation syndicationWe like to use big words in the marketing industry… aggregation and syndication are a couple of them – and they’re very important.

  • Aggregation – allows you to collect content from other sites and display them in yours. They could be from a blog, news feed, twitterfeed, or even Facebook comments. Aggregation can be a great tool to use to always keep your page content fresh and pull in other relevant content. Search engines like sites that are relevant and frequently updated… aggregating content can help you improve your site’s rankings and the interaction of visitors… and it’s automated so you don’t even need to raise a finger!
  • Syndication – allows you to take the content that you’ve written, and push it to other sites, services and mediums. Everything from text messages, tweets, Facebook notes, LinkedIn status updates to pushing your content to other sites can be accomplished automatically with syndication.

If you’re not doing any content aggregation or syndication, think about how it might help to automate some of your processes. This content you’re reading in this email is actually syndicated directly from Martech through the use of a custom feed.

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