Event Marketing

Tools and best practices for marketing and promoting both digital and live events, conferences, and webinars.

  • GravityKit for Gravity Forms to display tables, maps, PDFs, charts, or HTML in WordPress

    GravityKit: Display and Visualize Gravity Forms Data in WordPress (Tables, Maps, PDFs, Charts, or HTML)

    Gravity Forms is a user-friendly, robust WordPress plugin that allows businesses to create custom forms to collect and process data on their websites. It’s highly versatile, catering to various needs such as contact forms, surveys, and user submissions. We designed an online assessment for a client utilizing Gravity Forms to collect the data. However, we were surprised when we couldn’t…

  • Brightcove: Video Streaming Solutions

    Brightcove: A Versatile Streaming Solution for Diverse Businesses

    Video content has become a pivotal element of business strategy. Brightcove emerges as a key player in this domain, offering advanced video hosting services and technology solutions. Recognized for its comprehensive range of products, Brightcove caters to large enterprises and a variety of other businesses, including small startups and non-profit organizations. Brightcove’s solutions are designed to overcome multiple challenges: Scalability…

  • Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing Infographic

    Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing: Definitions, Growth, and Intersection

    With my career spanning decades, I’ve enjoyed working in both the traditional and digital marketing industries. My career started at a newspaper, where I caught the Internet bug and began networking and programming. I moved on to database marketing and direct mail and then to MarTech and SaaS platforms. I often share that much of my success was bringing the…

  • Formidable: Wordpress Forms to PDF Generation and Automation

    Formidable: Streamline Your Workflow with WordPress Form to PDF Generation and Automation

    A key migration I encourage with all of our WordPress clients has been integrating a superior form creation platform. Formidable has, by far, been the best solution that we’ve implemented for our clients for several reasons: Speed – Other form plugins added script and CSS overhead to every page on the site rather than simply loading the assets when a…

  • Technology Skills That Digital Marketers Need in 2024

    5 Skills Digital Marketers Need To Master For Success in 2024

    Over the past few years, there have been significant changes in how we use the internet for digital marketing. We started by merely creating a website to harness data and user activity. With the intense competition in the digital space, having a website will not simply cut it. Digital marketers must improve their game to stand out in today’s ever-changing landscape. Marketing…

  • Inbound vs outbound B2B Marketing guide

    Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing in B2B: How to Make the Best Out of Both

    Why do so many B2B companies kick off with outbound marketing? The answer’s pretty straightforward: quick results without blowing the budget. However, as businesses evolve, mixing in some inbound tactics seems to be the secret sauce for steady growth. In the ever-evolving world of B2B, I’ve found that it’s not about choosing between inbound and outbound. It’s about merging the…

  • Tech-enhanced event marketing strategies

    Tech-Enhanced Event Marketing: Strategies for Success

    Marketers can’t afford to fall behind on the latest experiential marketing trends — if anything, they should be setting them. In recent years, technological innovations like wearables and touch-screen devices have redefined how we plan, execute, and experience events. Additionally, tech tools like QR codes and near-field communication (NFC) technology have ushered in a new era of guest engagement and…

  • B2B Facebook Marketing Strategies in 2023

    How Are B2B Marketers Leveraging Facebook in 2023?

    Facebook has traditionally been considered a platform more suited for business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. As I speak to our clients about Facebook as a channel, I often discuss the intent of the Facebook user: Did the Facebook user go there to research or purchase a product or service? Did the Facebook user go there to learn more about your business? Will…


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