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briteverifySome companies simply don’t have the resources to keep contact information up to date. As a result, pushing out a newsletter or campaign can result in frustration or even getting blacklisted by voice and email services. Commercial email servers achieved average delivery rates of 88%.

When your list is older, it’s even lower. Typically, email service providers charge for every email sent… not every email that actually makes it to the inbox. As a result, most companies are paying for emails that never actually make it to their destination. (See: Why and How to Verify Email Lists with a full list of email verification providers).

Validation of email lists used to be an expensive task and was left only to the most sophisticated and largest email senders; however, new services for verifying businesses at a reasonable price are popping up on the web. BriteVerify is one of those businesses – with a robust API and services for verifying email address, name, IP location, physical address and even phone number. A penny spent with BriteVerify may save you quite a bit of money downstream when you’re bad email addresses are being bounced left and right.

With their API, you could actually build a nice registration system that validates and thwarts SPAMMERS at the source – when you’re collecting the email address! Briteverify also has append services that supply additional information like Gender, geo-coordinates, ISP, and location appends on phone number.

BriteVerify also offers:

  • A simple integration with MailChimp where you can transfer files bi-directionally.
  • Introducing BriteForms – a simple way to protect your web forms from invalid or fraudulent email entries.


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    Sounds like an interesting service. It’s really expensive with other service especially if you pay per email sent without any assurance that each of that email you paid for will be sent. So, BriteVerify is really becoming a very interesting option. Will surely be checking this out more.

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