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11 Tips for a Winning Gamification Strategy

People fascinate me. Give them a fantastic marketing message with a discount and they’ll walk away… but allow them the opportunity to win a badge on their profile page and they’ll fight for it. I amuse myself as I find myself distraught after losing a mayorship on Foursquare – it’s ridiculous. That’s just what gamification depends on.

Gamification works to satisfy some of the most fundamental human desires: recognition and reward, status, achievement, competition and collaboration, self-expression, and altruism. People are hungry for these things both in their everyday world and online. Gamification taps directly into this

It works. Bunchball is one of the players out on the market that helps marketers implement gamification tactics with their sites and applications. They’ve distributed a new whitepaper, Winning with Gamification: Tips from the Expert’s Playbook. It’s quite a good read. Here are some highlights on developing your own gamification strategy:

  1. Map your goals with your user’s interests.
  2. Prioritize the actions you want your users to take.
  3. Develop a point scale system based on the value of the action.
  4. Use levels to keep users coming back.
  5. Make visually appealing badges and trophies that impress.
  6. Add rewards and prevent users from gaming the system for them.
  7. Use real-time feedback on progress.
  8. Leverage groups and teams so folks collaborate and push one another.
  9. Post leaderboards.
  10. Integrate social media.
  11. Mobilize the effort.

Bunchball is the leading provider of online gamification solutions, used to drive high value participation, engagement, loyalty and revenue for some of the world’s leading brands and media. Bunchball’s Nitro gamification platform is a highly scalable and reliable cloud-based service for gamifying websites, social communities, and mobile applications – it has served over 80 million unique users and 4 billion transactions to date. Download Winning with Gamification: Tips from the Expert’s Playbook.

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