AppSheet: Build And Deploy A Content Approval Mobile App With Google Sheets

Google AppSheet Content Approval App

While I still develop from time to time, I lack both the talent or the time to become a full-time developer. I appreciate the knowledge I have – it helps me to bridge the gap between development resources and businesses that have a problem every day. But… I’m not looking to keep learning.

There are a couple reasons why advancing my programming expertise isn’t a great strategy:

  1. At this point in my career – my expertise is needed elsewhere.
  2. The larger reason, though, is because I don’t believe the demand for insatiable demand for developers is going to last.

Why? Because major platforms are deploying incredibly good no-code solutions.

No Code, Codeless, and Low Code Solutions

The next phase of digital technology may be more exciting than any advancement we’ve seen in quite a while. Large corporations are developing drag and drop (no code or codeless) solutions that are insanely good. The opportunity for these systems is limitless as business leaders won’t actually require a development firm to bring their solution from an napkin sketch through to a full-fledged application.

Google AppSheet

If you’re using Google Workspace for your organization (I’d highly recommend it), they’ve launched AppSheet – a no-code application builder! With AppSheet, you can quickly create custom apps to help streamline, automate, and simplify work. No coding necessary.

Anyone in your Google Workspace can create and manage their own apps… which could increase your team’s productivity, reduce errors, and reduce the backlog of your development team.

Google AppSheet

AppSheet Content Approval Application

Here’s a great example, a management approval application that incorporates Google Sheets and AppSheet to easily push content through a step-by-step approval process.

Google AppSheet Content Approval

This particular app is just connected to Google Sheets, but you can integrate any data source that you’d like.

Deploy on iTunes or Google Play

The best part? The app that you just spent time creating without a line of code is not just a web application that runs in a browser, AppSheet allows users to create a whitelabel version of the app that you can deploy on Google Play or on iPhone via iTunes.

Deployment does require minimum AppSheet licensing that’s based on a pay-per-user or a PRO engagement.

AppSheet Pricing

Disclosure: I’m using my Google affiliate code here.

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