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Application Development is a continuously evolving industry. With more and more businesses vying for online presence, app development organizations have their work cut out for them. There has been a continuous rise in demand for apps that created a market overwhelming the existing developers. In addition, it’s an industry plagued with rising costs and rising demands. Besides that, existing apps require constant maintenance. Research indicates that 65% of resources are spent trying to maintain existing apps for businesses. 

Organizations may have survived this till now, but rising costs and the investments required to maintain and innovate with their apps paint a dire picture for the future of this industry. It is only natural that most organizations are scrambling towards AGILE development with varying levels of success. However, there is a new technology that is giving organizations a chance to move ahead in the market, implement AGILE, decrease costs and drive up numbers. It is no-code app development.

No-code is the future of app development. While coding is an industry that’ll always be around, no code is meant for organizations to ease the process of app development. According to a recent survey, 40% of organizations have either adopted no code or are planning to adopt it in the coming year.

Appy Pie App Builder Solution Overview

Appy Pie provides an app building solution for organizations and people. Its proprietary app builder is one of the best app-making software on the market today. Known for its user-friendly nature, the app builder can help you make apps in just a few minutes. Appy Pie allows you to develop Android, iPhone and PWA apps for your customers. With over 200 latent features, app making has never been easier or quicker.

Appy Pie No Code Mobile App Builder

Appy Pie App Builder is a little more than 5 years old. In these 5 years they’ve let people and businesses make millions of apps. Backed by expert developers, the software has a completely codeless interface which significantly cuts down the development time. Additionally, it also reduces the process of maintaining and updating the app to just a few clicks. With Appy Pie, you can make a wide variety of apps such as social media apps, business apps, customer support apps, AR/VR apps, real estate apps etc.

With Appy Pie’s simple and intuitive interface, app making can be optimized and simplified considerably.

What sets Appy Pie App Builder apart:

  • Clean dashboard design tailored for easy navigation.
  • Over 200 features like push notifications, VR capabilities, integrated social media and chatbots
  • Hands-on publishing support to app stores. An excellent customer support infrastructure means that Appy Pie is always there to assist you.

Appy Pie is on a roll with its software, creating newer, better products every day. They started with an easy to use no-code builder and have applied similar philosophy to create no-code website builders, chatbots and a graphic design software. Appy Pie currently has no plans to disrupt the IT industry with its no-code app builder and aims at integrating legacy systems to ensure that the app development industry grows collectively.

True no-code may be quite a long way away, but Appy Pie has designed a software that can take care of all the heavy-lifting involved in app development, helping organizations everywhere clear their backlogs and create capable apps with considerably less effort. The true ace up the App Builder’s sleeve is the fact that it eases maintenance required for an app. With the app builder, updates require just a few simple clicks allowing organizations to concentrate their efforts on innovating and save crucial resources to meet the rising industry demand.

Creating an app with Appy Pie

Creating apps with Appy Pie is easier than you think. It is a simple 3 step process.

  1. Register – Sign up with Appy Pie. In your dashboard, under the design tab, select a design template for your app. Appy Pie provides hundreds of templates to choose from. Edit your template and choose colors, fonts and layout. Upload your brand logo.
  2. Customize – The next step involves adding features to your app. In the features tab, you can search for features and then click on a feature to add it to your app. You can customize each feature to suit your purpose in the best way. Millions of types of apps can be created with the customization available in the app builder dashboard.
  3. Test – Once you have settled on your design and features, simply test your app on a device and after you’re satisfied, publish it on the App Store or Play Store, or both.

That is all you need to do to create an app with Appy Pie. App development is evolving. No code is the next inevitable stage of this evolution. Appy Pie provides a chance for all businesses to get ahead of the curve. The increasing adoption of no code and the rapid development of the platform pave a bright future for everyone.

Join the no-code revolution today! To everyone working from home, stay safe!

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