Technology for Successful Sales Enablement

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In today’s world, technology and sales enablement go hand in hand. It’s imperative that you’re tracking your prospect’s activities in order to qualify them as hot or soft leads. How are prospects interacting with your brand? Are they interacting with your brand? What tools are you using to track this?

We worked with our sales proposal sponsor, TinderBox, to create an infographic about the different tools and processes that companies use to qualify and track leads. Even though the sales funnel is changing, there are still some distinct phases during the sales cycle: Marketing & Sales, Prospecting, Qualifying, Confirming, Negotiating, and Transacting. The process might not be linear, but these steps are important to closing sales.

Which of these tools are you using to shorten your sales cycle? How are you creating opportunities for your team in regards to sales enablement? Using the right tools will help you get to “sales gold.”