ACK is the acronym for Acknowledgment.

A crucial concept in the context of TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). In TCP, ACK is a signal or message one computer sends to another to acknowledge that it has received a data segment. When data is transmitted over a network using TCP, it is divided into smaller segments, and each segment is assigned a sequence number. The receiving computer returns an ACK message to the sender to confirm that it has received a specific segment.

Here’s a simplified explanation:

  • Data is sent in segments over a network.
  • When a segment is received, the receiver sends an ACK message to the sender.
  • If the sender doesn’t receive an ACK within a specific time, it assumes the segment was lost or corrupted and retransmits it.

This ACK mechanism helps ensure reliable data transfer over the Internet and other networks, making TCP a widely used protocol for applications such as web browsing, email, and file transfers.

  • Abbreviation: ACK

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