How to Run an A/B Test on Your Landing Page

how to test landing page

Lander is an affordable landing page platform with robust A/B testing available to users to increase your conversion rates. A/B testing continues to be a proven methodology that marketers use to squeeze additional conversions from existing traffic – a great means of getting more business without spending more money!

What is A/B Testing or Split Testing

A/B testing or split testing is as it sounds, is an experiment where you test two different versions of a Landing Page simultaneously. It’s basically nothing more than the application of a scientific method to your online marketing efforts.

One key to ensure you have the necessary data to support the results is measuring the volume of visitors and conversions, and calculating whether or not there’s a statistical assurance to the test. KISS Metrics provides a great primer on How A/B Testing Works as well as a tool for calculating the significance of the results.

In their interactive A/B Testing infographic, Landers walks the user through successfully testing their landing page and provides reporting on the result:

  • Always test one element per test such as a layout, headline, sub-heading, call-to-action, colors, testimonials, images, videos, length, structure and even different kinds of content.
  • Choose what to test and develop different versions based on your user behavior, best practices, and other research. Remember, only one element per test should be deployed and tested.
  • Run the test long enough to get a statistical assurance of the results, but be sure to end the test and put your winning version live as soon as possible to maximize conversions.

With Lander’s tool, you can create and test up to three different versions of each landing page simultaneously. That means you’ll be able to create different versions of your landing page under the same URL.


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    Hi Douglas! Thanks for explain how to run an AB Test of a Landing Page using Lander. Great explanation and useful advices! We invite your readers to try our 30-Days Free Trial and optimize their Landing Pages. Regards!

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