After-call Work

ACW is the acronym for After-call Work.

Also known as post-call processing or wrap-up time, ACW refers to call center agents’ activities after ending a customer interaction, such as a phone call or a chat session. ACW is an essential part of the customer service process and involves various tasks to complete the necessary actions related to the call or prepare for the next interaction.

During ACW, agents typically perform the following tasks:

  1. Documentation: Agents update customer records, log call details, and capture relevant information from the interaction. This includes noting important details, documenting any resolutions or actions taken, and recording any additional information useful for future reference or follow-up.
  2. Data Entry: Agents may need to enter data or update information in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems or other databases. This can include updating customer profiles, recording call outcomes, or entering specific details related to the call.
  3. Internal Communication: Agents may need to communicate with supervisors, team members, or other departments to provide updates, share relevant information, or seek assistance for unresolved issues or escalations.
  4. Follow-up Tasks: Agents may need to schedule callbacks, create tickets for further investigation or issue resolution, or initiate specific actions to address customer requests or inquiries that couldn’t be resolved during the initial interaction.
  5. Wrap-up Notes: Agents may write summary notes or add comments related to the call, including any pertinent details, customer feedback, or important observations that may be useful for future reference or training purposes.

The duration of ACW can vary depending on factors such as call complexity, the need for data entry, coordination with other departments, and the overall efficiency of the agent. It is important to balance reducing ACW time to maximize agent availability and ensuring that agents have sufficient time for accurate documentation and necessary follow-up tasks.

Monitoring and managing ACW is crucial for call center performance optimization, as it impacts overall agent productivity, service quality, and customer satisfaction. Efficient ACW processes help ensure accurate and up-to-date customer information, smooth handoffs between agents or departments, and effectively resolve customer issues.

  • Abbreviation: ACW

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