American Law Institute

ALI is the acronym for American Law Institute.

An independent organization composed of legal professionals, scholars, and judges who work to promote the clarification and improvement of American law. The ALI was founded in 1923 to produce scholarly work to address legal issues and challenges faced by the American legal system.

The ALI’s primary objective is to provide practical and scholarly guidance to the legal profession and the courts. It conducts extensive research, analysis, and discussion to develop and publish restatements of the law, model statutes, principles, and other legal publications.

The ALI’s most notable and influential work is the Restatements of the Law. Restatements are scholarly summaries of common law principles, organized by subject matter, with the goal of clarifying and harmonizing the law. They are not binding laws themselves, but they carry persuasive authority and are often cited by courts and legal practitioners as valuable interpretations of the law.

In addition to restatements, the ALI also publishes model statutes and principles in various areas of law. These model laws serve as guides and recommendations for states when enacting or revising their laws, aiming to promote uniformity and consistency in legal standards across jurisdictions.

The ALI consists of elected members who are legal experts, including law professors, judges, and lawyers. Its members participate in the organization’s projects, contribute to legal research and writing, and provide valuable expertise to help shape the development of the law.

The ALI has played a significant role in shaping American jurisprudence and legal thinking through its publications and projects. Its work is widely cited and respected by legal professionals, courts, and scholars across the United States.

  • Abbreviation: ALI

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