Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM is the acronym for Every Door Direct Mail.

A service offered by the United States Postal Service (USPS). EDDM is a cost-effective and targeted direct mail marketing method that allows businesses to reach potential customers in specific geographic areas without needing individual addresses for each recipient. Here’s how it works:

  1. Targeting Geographic Areas: With EDDM, businesses can choose specific neighborhoods, ZIP codes, or postal routes where they want to deliver their marketing materials. This allows for highly targeted local marketing campaigns.
  2. No Mailing List Required: Unlike traditional direct mail, EDDM doesn’t require a list of individual addresses. Instead, businesses can select their target areas based on demographics, such as income levels and household size.
  3. Affordable Postage Rates: EDDM offers reduced postage rates compared to regular bulk mail rates. This cost savings can make it an attractive option for small businesses with limited marketing budgets.
  4. Various Mailer Options: Businesses can choose from different mailer formats, including postcards, flyers, and brochures, to design their marketing materials. These materials are then delivered to every mailbox within the selected geographic areas.
  5. Local Brand Exposure: EDDM is particularly useful for businesses looking to increase their brand visibility within their community. It’s a way to promote products, services, events, or special offers to a local audience.
  6. Online Tools: USPS provides online tools and resources to help businesses plan and execute their EDDM campaigns. These tools allow for easy mapping of target areas and provide guidance on creating mailpieces that comply with EDDM requirements.

EDDM is a direct mail marketing service offered by USPS. It enables businesses to target specific geographic areas with their marketing materials, making it a cost-effective and efficient way to reach local customers without needing a mailing list.

  • Abbreviation: EDDM

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