Integral Ad Science

IAS is the acronym for Integral Ad Science.

A global technology company that provides data and solutions to establish a safer, more effective advertising ecosystem. IAS is a leading player in the ad verification industry, known for its suite of solutions designed to protect against ad fraud, increase viewability, and ensure brand safety.

IAS helps digital advertisers measure the quality of their media, understand the consumer exposure experience, and assess the impact on consumer mindset metrics. Their offerings cover various digital advertising supply chain aspects, from publishers to advertisers.

For publishers, IAS offers tools that help to maximize inventory value, control content classification, and protect against invalid traffic. For advertisers, IAS provides solutions to verify that ads are viewable by real people, in a safe and suitable environment, and have an opportunity to be effective.

IAS’s technology is designed to work across different channels, including display, video, mobile, and programmatic advertising, making it a comprehensive solution for ad verification needs.


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