Listen, Acknowledge, Identify, Reverse

LAIR is the acronym for Listen, Acknowledge, Identify, Reverse.

A communication framework in sales and customer services where the representative:

  1. Listen: This refers to actively and attentively listening to the customer’s concern or issue, giving them your full attention, and not interrupting them while they are speaking.
  2. Acknowledge: This involves acknowledging the customer’s concern or issue, and letting them know that you understand their perspective and are taking their issue seriously.
  3. Identify: This step may involve identifying the root cause of the issue or the underlying problem, and working to address it in order to resolve the customer’s concern.
  4. Reverse: This step may involve taking action to reverse or undo the negative effects of the issue or problem, and working to restore the customer’s confidence and satisfaction.
  • Abbreviation: LAIR

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