Qualified Electronic Signature Creation Device

QSCD is the acronym for Qualified Electronic Signature Creation Device.

A type of hardware device that is used to create qualified electronic signatures (QES) that comply with the European Union’s eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services) regulation.

A QSCD is a secure device that meets specific technical requirements and has been certified by a qualified trust service provider (QTSP) in accordance with the eIDAS regulation. A QSCD must meet certain security requirements, including tamper-evident protection, secure key storage, and protection against unauthorized access.

The use of a QSCD is mandatory for creating qualified electronic signatures that have the same legal effect as traditional handwritten signatures under eIDAS. Qualified electronic signatures are the highest level of electronic signatures under eIDAS and provide the strongest form of assurance about the identity of the signer and the integrity of the signed data.

QSCDs can be hardware-based, such as smart cards or USB tokens, or they can be software-based, such as secure signature creation software installed on a personal computer or mobile device. The use of a QSCD provides an additional layer of security and assurance that the electronic signature was created by the identified signer and that the signed data has not been tampered with.

Overall, the use of a QSCD is an important element in ensuring the security and reliability of qualified electronic signatures and complying with the eIDAS regulation.

  • Abbreviation: QSCD

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