Inbound Brew: Run Your Inbound Marketing Strategies Directly from WordPress

inbound marketing

The number of solutions and complexity of integrated partners that extend WordPress is pretty amazing. Inbound Brew is a full-service digital marketing, web development, and software development firm, that helped small businesses utilize content marketing to drive engagement and leads. They’ve now published an inbound marketing plugin that provides all the tools necessary to do this – directly from WordPress!

Inbound Brew Plugin

The plugin has several features that coordinate your content marketing with your inbound marketing efforts, including:

  • Lead Generation – create custom forms, landing pages, CTA buttons, manage leads, and respond with HTML emails.


  • Search Engine Optimization – create and manage keywords, manage redirects, publish your robots.txt file, maintain an XML sitemap, and manage rich snippet meta data for Google.


  • Social Media Publishing – Automatically push to social media (Push to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and publish rich snippet meta data for Facebook and Twitter.


Inbound Brew will save you time and simplify your inbound marketing (sometimes called content marketing or permission marketing) processes. Inbound marketing allows you to create content that matters for the people that matter. Creating meaningful content results in customer education, market saturation, growth in domain authority, and lead generation.

Download the WordPress Plugin

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